This week saw the official start of spring down here in the deep south and with that we expected to see a few more blue skies and warm days but instead we were treated to yet more fresh snow! Spring may be on its way but it’s not quite here yet. This was the last full week of training and so everyone was keen to make the most of it. Mock exam results were in so everyone knew where they stood and what they needed to do to give themselves the best possible chance next week. Training was focused on practice, practice and more practice. Practice high-end skiing and riding; practice low-end demos and teaches.  Check out the photos below ...


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Tuesday brought with it not just fresh snow but low visibility and some pretty high winds. The mountain closed early and everyone left in convoy. Nicola almost missed the bus because the new trainer Jon was so keen to keep at it they were all hiding away in the classroom doing movement analysis. Jon was pretty impressed with Nicola’s choice of warm up: cliff drops! Probably not quite in the NZSIA manual!

On Thursday evening we had a recruitment/career information session. Luckily, Liz and Clark have worked in 5 countries between them since graduating from SnowSkool in their respective years so there was a fair bit of knowledge to pass on. Almost everyone showed up to the girls’ apartment to have a chat about it, with lots of people being super keen to get writing their CVs and start looking for job openings in the northern hemisphere. Mike turned out to be slightly ahead of the game as he’d already applied to a number of places and unfortunately got his first ‘no’. The guys will have to get used to that as the ski industry is a competitive place and there will be lots of potential for rejection. Luckily, it only takes one ‘yes’!

The weekend saw some of the guys head up the hill to keep practicing while others decided to stay in town and take a deserved break before the last few days of training start on Monday. Kiki and Olivia decided to stay in town but it’s doubtful they felt very relaxed. They felt that Saturday was a good day to head out to Wanaka airport and take a little plane ride up to 15,000ft. Nice sightseeing trip you may think?  No … they decided it was a good idea to strap themselves to a complete stranger and jump out of that perfectly good plane! Thankfully, said stranger knew how to handle a parachute! The photos are pretty awesome as you can see and both of them highly recommend the experience to everyone. It's an adrenaline rush for sure!

Mike and Richard obviously enjoyed Queenstown so much on their last trip that they decided to head over there again this weekend. Here’s hoping they didn’t go to Fear Factory again as Mike’s heart probably couldn’t take it.

This coming week sees only three more days’ training and then it’s a day off for the skiers before their exam starts on Friday. The snowboarders will have a few more days to wait as their exam isn’t quite as long but luckily, everyone's test ends at the same time so celebrations will hopefully be big!

All that’s left to say is work hard for the next few days and GOOD LUCK!!!


SnowSkool Liz and SnowSkool Clark
Course Hosts -SnowSkool NZ 2015

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