The news is out - a fabulous pass rate for the L2 exams!  All boarders passed at least one element of the exam and the skiers achieved 100% across the board. Check out the photos below of the before, during and after!


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But back to the beginning of the all-important exam week.  A very chilled a relaxing weekend was in order before the L2s. And to set the right tone for the coming week, hearty congratulations went to George Ide, Dermot Forsyth and SnowSkool Cammy (extra thank you for making up numbers!) for passing their Level 1's!  Well done guys, very well deserved.
Monday saw the final hurdle in front of us. A very spritely bunch of Snowskoolers got up the hill early to register for their exams and once they were split into groups, they got straight out and into it. Some of the guys focused on the teaching first while others got stuck into the riding side of the two-part test.
Tuesday took much the same shape as Monday and in the evening, a large group of students headed over for the usual hot pools relaxation session before the final two days of exams.
With the preparation and training out of the way and the actual evaluation kicking in, Wednesday had the skiers register for the assessment part of their Level 2. In the evening a few of the guys headed back down to Jam night in the bar to show off their talents once again. Wild Thing and Californication were performed and drew a great reaction form the crowd.
Finally ... the day everyone had all been waiting for was here. A few nerves were apparent throughout the day but everyone put their heads down and got stuck into their last chance to display their talents. While the guys were finishing off their Level 2, SnowSkool Adam, Cammy and Max Barber got a hold of some avalanche gear and headed up to Delirium Dive, SunShine's toughest gig.  After a very tough and sometimes sketchy walk, we took a deep breath and dropped in only to be treated to some unbelievable steeps and deeps. Definitely THE best run of the season! The results were in and the snowboarders were up first. Everyone gathered in the Day Lodge to hear the news of an awesome effort by all the boarders with everyone passing at least one part of the Level 2. An extra shout out to Matt Julian, Jack Smith, Charles Kemp-Kennedy, Tom Murrell and AJ Roscoe who achieved above standard. Next up were the skiers. There was a thankfully short speech from Casey (Sunshine's Technical Director and one awesome skier) before the amazing news of a 100% pass rate - all comonents, all candidates! Unreal effort by all the skiers. We are SO proud of every single one of the SnowSkoolers - it's been an intense run up until now but clearly very much worth it! 
Friday was understandably a quiet day for us, shared with a few headaches around. Luckily we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day. A relaxing weekend and definitely some free riding next week on the cards along with the Park Certificate course for some.
Yay us!  Great effort all round and well done on the outstanding exam results.
Back next week!
SnowSkool Cammy and SnowSkool Adam
Course Hosts - SnowSkool Banff 2015
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