We’re back with news from Banff where we’ve had another great week with some sizeable snowfalls making for great conditions.  We’ve also been out exploring and experiencing the local area and customs – a day trip to Lake Louise, trekking to the Sunshine igloo, dipping in the hot pools (and riding the slides) – and taking in the SuperBowl at Wild Bills!


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Last Saturday we managed to get the English Premier League football on TV, which brought to light quite the rivalry between SnowSkool Adam (Chelsea fan) and Alexei (Man City fan) – passions ran deep despite the fact Chelsea now sits 7 points clear at the top of the table.
Superbowl Sunday!!! We managed to book a group of tables for the SnowSkoolers at THE venue in town at which to watch the game – Wild Bills – smack bang in front of the massive HD projector. Jesse Alder and Ben Holt got right into the spirit and devoured nine chilli dogs in the all-you-can-eat chilli dog promotion. The game was extremely close which was made it even better as most of the guys and girls hadn't watched American football before. Still not quite sure how it takes so long to play – statistics indicate an average pro game lasts 3 hours and 12 minutes and features more than 100 TV commercials BUT the total amount of action time when the ball is in play is a mere 11 minutes!  What did we care?  It was a great day out with the locals.
On Monday a group of Skoolers (Fiona Jackson, Tom Murrell, Max Muir, Josh Tass, Charles Kemp-Kennedy, Luke Gell, Robert Taddei, Alexei Roscoe, Ryan Lawlor, Andrew Harris and James Seddon) headed to Lake Louise. After an early start, everyone was super stoked to explore a new mountain where conditions were perfect with a fresh load of snow awaiting. After a morning of exploring the massive number of runs the Lake has to offer, we headed to the park for the afternoon.
Tuesday saw the students back into lessons and again, the instructors switched up the groups. We had a massive 20cm dump of powder the night before and it didn't stop snowing all day. These type of days motivate everyone to get up the hill that little bit earlier with plenty of fresh tracks for all.
On Wednesday evening Max Muir, Ben Dodd, Ryan Lawlor and SnowSkool Adam took a trip to the hot pools, which proved the perfect way to relax and refresh mid-week ... plus a tonne of fun on the water slides. 
Friday saw some crazy snow conditions. Pouring with rain in town, half way up the mountain it turned into some of the wettest and heaviest snow we've seen so far.  It was a new experience for everyone riding it. In the afternoon SnowSkool Adam, SnowSkool Cammy, Ben Holt, Ed Obree, Sidney Bildman, Jesse Alder, Cliff Coggins and Tom Murrell hiked into the back country to find the infamous Sunshine igloo. After taking the obligatory photo of everyone crowded in there was an amazing fresh tracks tree run down to be enjoyed!  That evening there was a Rail Jam event (The Big Bear) held downtown.  A whole block on Bear Street was closed down with a few features built in the car park and a bear tent next door. It was awesome to see some of the local pros hitting the features as well as enjoying a cold beer.
That’s it from us this week.  Back before you know it with more news from beautiful Banff.
Cheers dears
SnowSkool Cammy and SnowSkool Adam
Course Hosts – SnowSkool Banff 2015
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