We did it!  The Skoolers of Banff 2015 delivered a 100% pass-rate for the Level 1 exams in both skiing and boarding.  None to shabby an effort and a great end to the first part of the season.  With exam week looming, we took last weekend as an opportunity to prepare for what lay ahead with a bit more practice followed by some R&R. A large majority got up the hill to practise those techniques the instructors had been so rigorously teaching them but come Sunday, a group of the students headed over to the hot pools to relax before the long week ahead.  Check out the photos below of our busy but satisfying week of L1 exams ...


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Monday and Tuesday were the last two days of training before the exams commenced.  On Tuesday evening, a group of the students was treated by Soul Ski to a Swix tuning session conducted by Mitch, a former World Cup skier and former coach on the national team. In what were extremely interesting and knowledgeable sessions, the guys learnt how to keep their skis and boards to the highest standards for (hopefully) their future careers!
With Wednesday came the first day of the Level 1s. A bright and early start had the students up at Sunshine Village in good time to sign in for their respective courses. After a super-smooth start to the day, the guys split into their allocated groups and headed straight out with no time for the nerves to build. In the evening we booked out the gymnasium out at the Banff Centre and a large group went up and played an awesome five-a-side football tournament. Ben Bertram, Breno Aghostino (Brazilian magician) and Tom Williams proved to be a few of the best and maybe if the skiing doesn't work out there's a career in football for them!!!
The last two days of exams came and went fast and all the guys and girls spent Thursday night prepping for the final day where they had to give their lessons to the others in their group. Friday was the big day for all of us. After an intense morning of faux lessons from all the students, they were released to await their fate. The week might have rushed past but those last few hours of waiting for the results were agonisingly slow! The skiers’ presentation came first and all the guys were super stoked to get their results – and why wouldn’t they be with a 100% pass rate! Ellie Ford and Tom Williams in particular had their praises sung. Not wanting to let the side down, the snowboarders scored another amazing clean sweep for all the riders! This time, two Aussies – both from sunny Queensland and about as far away from snow as you can get! - took the honours with Sidney Bildmann and Charles Kemp-Kennedy singled out as outstanding individuals. We are so proud of all of our skiers and boarders. Having displayed such an amazing effort and attitude going into this first round of lessons and exams, SnowSkool Cammy and SnowSkool Adam could not be happier!!!!!  Aww shucks.
You’ll be surprised to hear Friday was a BIG night of celebrations. A very loud and excitable crowd sat down to the meal, followed by an amazing and enthusiastic turn out for the karaoke in the Storm Cellar. Clearly, skiing or riding well doesn't always go hand in hand with a talent for singing but the night was rounded off with an absolutely glorious rendition from all the Skoolers of We Are The Champions, which proved the perfect fullstop to an extremely successful week!!!!
Next week, there’s a break from lessons and the guys get to choose their preference.  For some, that means the chance for a bit of a break (and a good lie-in!), others have some travel plans and excursions planned plus there’s the two-day avi awareness course all booked up.
That's it from us - hope you're having half as much fun as we are!
SnowSkool Cammy and SnowSkool Adam
Course Hosts - SnowSkool Banff 2015
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