The Level 1 celebrations continued well into the weekend – and why not, in light of our 100% pass rate?  And with no lessons this week, it made sense that Monday was a bit of a lazy day given it was the first time the guys got to have a lie in on a weekday for a couple of weeks! A few eager beavers (well … we are in wilds of Canada) went up the hill on what is a notoriously busy Family Day. In the evening a large group headed off to Calgary to watch the Calgary Flames take on the Boston Bruins. These two teams do not come up against each other often so this fixture usually excites and this particular clash was no exception. After loading up on the diet of North American champions (hot dogs, nachos, a few beers and huge cups of soda) several Skoolers - Tom Walker, Tom Stallybrass, Ali Buck, Charles Kemp-Kennedy, Zach Dallaway, Conner Dixon, AJ Roscoe - demonstrated true commitment to this new-found sport by kitting themselves out in very red Calgary Flames jerseys.  We made our way towards the rink, took our seats and belted out (ish) the Canadian national anthem and the game was soon underway! The Flames looked rather shaky in the first period, down 2-0 and then 3-0 in the 2nd. But after an unbelievable 3rd period the Flames were back level with the Bruins at 3-3 and overtime started somewhat uneventfully but ended in fireworks.  With a penalty shootout on the horizon and ONE SECOND left on the overtime clock, the Flames scored a crazy goal to win the game! An incredible game and a sporting memory that will be hard to beat.  Check out the pics below ...


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Come Tuesday, some headed up the hill for a day of free skiing and riding while in the evening a large group headed to the cinema to catch the latest movie, Kingsmen
Wednesday saw the start of the avalanche awareness course. One of the area’s seasoned professionals and expert on avalanches – Martin – came to the hostel to give the participants a theory day in the classroom. A few hours later and all the students were experts on when, where and how an avalanche could happen. In the evening we headed over to the Banff Centre once again, this time to shoot some hoops! Aussies Charles Kemp-Kennedy and Rebecca Wickens stood out this week with some stellar jump shots and lay ups!  And we sadly said the first of our goodbyes with Sam Copp the first to head home. Thanks for joining us, Sam – it has been an absolute pleasure having you on the course with us!
On Thursday, the guys on the avi course headed up the hill bright and early and split up into two groups. One of the groups kitted themselves out with all the avi gear and headed out to learn how to use it! A few of the beacons were then buried and the students had to find exactly their exact location and dig them out, with time definitely being of the essence in such a situation – no use finding the location a week later! Those not doing the avi training headed to the park and after a few falls, plenty of awesome new tricks were soon being thrown down. Andrew Harris, Henry Hebron and Sam Butcher were somewhat outstanding.
Friday was another day of free-riding for the guys. A small snowfall (finally) at Sunshine gave most of the students no excuse to stay home and not go up. In the evening a large group of the students headed over to the jacuzzi for some much needed R and R after a somewhat busy week off from lessons, Will Adams had to leave us as well to head back to Oz to start uni. Thanks for joining us until this point and best of luck in the future! 
Level 2 tuiton starts this coming week.  It’s a big step up but everyone who is taking part is super pumped to get started! Roll on Tuesday.
Cheers dears!
SnowSkool Cam and SnowSkool Adam
Course Hosts - SnowSkool Banff 2015
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