When you’re on a good thing – stick to it!  This week started just as last week finished with some relaxation in anticipation for the commencement of level 2 training. Some Skoolers headed up to the hill but as it was a crazy-busy holiday week here in Canada, many opted to avoid the particularly crowded slopes on Monday and a large group of the guys headed over to the hot pools to prepare the body for the second half of the course. But come Tuesday, it was back into the swing of training with Level 2 prep getting under way.  Welcome to premier league, campers!

We had a few departures this week.  Fiona was forced to leave us early – we're sad to see you go, Fiona, as it has been great having you with us.  Harrison Leigh headed home due to an injury. Harrison has been an awesome person to have on the course and all of the SnowSkoolers are sad to see him go. In the evening we had a few drinks to send him on his way and the amazing turn out really spoke volumes about the group we have here. James Speakman also departed from the course – thanks for joining us this far, good job on your Level 1 pass and good luck in the future!  As always, here are some photos of us out and about this week ...


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Tuesday saw the students back into lessons! Level 2 was underway and they were pretty stoked to be back into training and have some routine again. 
On Wednesday, the mountain was teased with some of the fluffy white stuff. A light snowfall saw a couple of fresh cms on the ground – but we’re greedy and we want lots more! On Wednesday night a group of the Skoolers ventured into town to take advantage of Boston Pizza’s 25-cent wings as well as say goodbye to a good friend we have met here in Canada. Ben Holt managed to consume an unbelievable – and very impressive – 51 wings, which we reckon has to be a SnowSkool record for sure! Those who didn't venture downtown were treated to a yoga session at the Banff Centre from one of the CSIA Instructors, Christine. The feedback from everyone was that it was fantastic- a perfect refresher for both body and mind.
Thursday turned out to be a glorious bluebird day up on the hill in the morning. In the afternoon the skiers were practising their short turns in a corridor built by their instructors, while the snowboarders headed over to the park to practise spinning and board slides. Ali Buck, Sam Butcher, Chris Pole and George Ide get an honourable mention for throwing down and landing 3's! All of the guys have improved massively and it’s been so satisfying watching their progress. In the evening, a big group of the students went into town for … wait for it … bingo! Ed Obree hit the jackpot and won a massive $10!!!!
After lessons on Friday a few of the guys headed into the woods near the hostel and started building a feature. With some more snow, we will be able to hit it big time.  There are definitely some night sessions planned so watch this space for some photos!!  
That's it from us this week.  Back all too soon with more news from Banff.
SnowSkool Cammy and SnowSkool Adam
Course Hosts - SnowSkool Banff 2015
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