This weekend started in the usual relaxed fashion but on Saturday night came rumours that the Aurora Borealis would be over the mountains near Banff. A large group headed just out of town to see if they could catch a glimpse of this natural phenomenon. After a couple of chilly hours waiting and hoping, a beam of green could be seen above the mountains and this turned into some of the most amazing scenes most of the SnowSkoolers have seen in Canada so far!  Most definitely worth sitting out in the cold for a few hours.  Check out the photos below


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Monday saw some of the guys headed up the mountain. The park is fast becoming one of the favourite places to hit during our free-riding days, especially with the snow in short supply.
It was a very cold morning on Tuesday and a few tired faces could be seen as they jumped on the bus.  Despite the temperature, the sun was shining and the sky was clear of clouds. After a hard day’s skiing and boarding, a group headed down to the cinema to take advantage of cheap movie night where Kingsman was the movie of choice.
On Wednesday evening the hostel held its first ever comedy night in the Storm Cellar. SnowSkool Adam, Joe Pulling and Joe Orchard bought tickets to the first-time event and the night proved extremely successful. An hilarious line up of local comedians, both professional and amateur, was headlined by Chris Gordon. 
Thursday saw the coming of SnowSkool 2015's first Dodgeball Tournament! It was an eagerly anticipated event and the excitement among the group was electric! Eight teams entered the tournament from which only one winner could be crowned. Each team was dressed to impress (or embarrass, who knows), sporting some very inventive costumes. As the tournament got underway it was apparent there were a few Skoolers who had done this before. Luke Gell pulled off a very impressive triple elimination to win his team’s first game. After an extremely heated and hard-fought tournament, team Luau Party – Ali Buck, Zac Putman, Charles Kemp-Kennedy, Connor Dixon, Michael Cann and Sam Butcher – came out on top. Congratulations guys, very well done!
Friday’s lessons saw Jesse's group hit up the park, practising their presses on boxes and starting to ride onto features switch. Friday evening saw a group head to town – karaoke in the Storm Cellar was the first port of call followed by a session down at Mel’s, which proved the perfect way to end the week!
Back all too soon, dear sports fans!
SnowSkool Cam and SnowSkool Adam
Course Hosts - SnowSkool Banff 2015
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