Finally! The snow gods blessed us with a great dump of fresh snow.  All weekend the snow kept coming and some of the students headed out into the conditions but the majority waited for Monday and the best free riding we've had since we got here. A group of the guys headed straight up Backdoor. Henry Hebron, Dermot Forsyth, Tom Murrell and Max Muir took the opportunity to have a go at backflips! Some absolutely solid efforts were put in and Max Muir almost even landed his second attempt perfectly.  Check out some photos below ...


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Tuesday saw the SnowSkoolers start their last week of lessons. Each of the groups was tailored to what each student felt they needed to work on, be it teaching or riding. Tuesday also was the coming of St Patrick's Day! A large group of the students donned their green in the evening and headed into town for a well-deserved Guinness or two. 
Wednesday brought amazing bluebird skies, which, coupled with the powder we'd been treated to in the last few days, made for a perfect day’s riding. In the evening Ben Dodd, Max Muir, Dermot Forsyth and SnowSkool Adam headed up to the Banff Centre to use the swimming pool. A few laps, a little soak in the hot pool, topped off by a session in the steam room was the perfect way to relax midweek. 
The clouds rolled back in on Thursday. Kaz's group worked on their teaching all morning while Jesse's group was forced to ride switch the whole day - through moguls, compressions and tree runs! 
Friday saw the guys go into the very last day of training with their instructors. Dom’s group headed over to the Shoulder to ride the fresh snow that had fallen. Unfortunately Ben Dodd and Charlotte Hansard didn't quite make it all the way along the traverse and tumbled down one of the cliffs leading up to the run. Luckily both were fine and managed to laugh it off. Kenji's group took up the challenge of skiing every single lift in the shortest possible time. 1 hour and 45 minutes was the target and the group managed to conquer it in 1 hour 40! Jon (who was filling in for Jesse) took his group onto the steeps and deeps and through the trees. It started snowing once again, making the conditions perfect with plenty of fresh lines to be had! 
A big shout out to all the instructors that have helped the students throughout this season - they could not have set the guys up any better going in to the Level 2s. After lessons had finished the instructors took the students into Trappers Lodge for a well-deserved beer or eight. Good luck for Level 2 guys! We have all the confidence in the world that you'll absolutely kill it!
Back next week with the L2 report card – keep  lots of positive thoughts coming our way.
SnowSkool Cammy and SnowSkool Adam
Course Hosts – SnowSkool Banff 2015
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