Welcome to the first newsletter from SnowSkool Big White 2015 - the first report in from anywhere in the world for this northern winter!  After months of waiting in anticipation, the SnowSkool gang arrived in Vancouver on Thursday afternoon and made their way to Big White via a rather lengthy bus journey. With minimal delay, everyone was in and settled at a decent time, most choosing to relax and prepare for the first full day on the slopes. A few made it out to sample the night life but pleased to report they were home to bed by 11.00pm. Even though we've only got a few days under our belt, below you can check out some photos of us out and about this week as we checked out the resort.  Click on the icon down the lower right to go full screen:


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A little jet lagged but very excited, we awoke to some mild conditions and good snow. The gang met up at Globe Restaurant for breakfast, followed by the first group meeting of the season. After a quick introduction to the key people involved in SnowSkool program at Big White, everyone was let loose to have fun on the hill. Some opted to buy themselves some new gear but most went straight on out to hit the slopes. The SnowSkool veterans treated the newbies to a mountain orientation: the skiers sought out some groomed runs to try out the new gear while the boarders threw themselves into some fun little jumps. Everybody met up at the end of the day at The Woods for a few beers round the outdoor fire while catching up on news of the day’s events.
The evening saw us all meet at the Blarney Stone Irish Tavern for our first group dinner. Laughs were had, good food was shared and we were even treated to some live music. Everyone retired early to prepare for the first half- day of training.
On Saturday we awoke to 20cm’s of fresh powder! The boys at Raven 203 enjoyed a quick hot session and met up for first tracks before everyone gathered at 9.00am, ready to meet their trainers for the next two days. Lessons ended at lunchtime and a large group met up to take part in Cruz the Blues in the afternoon, and everyone got well on their way to collecting their free t-shirt. Most seemed to find their snow legs again while some enjoyed a comical face-plant in the powder, not mentioning anyone in particular (Rhian!)  But not to worry – most of the boys were put to shame when she was the first to land a jump that SnowSkool Scott had asked them all to pose for.
After an evening of hot-tubbing, rest and sampling some of the mountain’s fine dining, everyone met up at Powder Ridge 205. Gracious hosts Donald, Daniel, Michael and Luke set up the first SnowSkool beer pong championships of the season. Old Skool vs New Skool was the first match and New Skool (Dan and Ben) reigned supreme. Everyone mingled and got to work on learning names.
Sunday morning saw a half day’s training under a beautiful bluebird sky. Skiers ramped up the difficulty of ther terrain and headed over to Gem Lake while the snowboarders started thinking about the three core competencies of snowboarding (10 points to the first person to name them all!)  In the afternoon a few headed out to explore what would be their new hood for the next few months and to collect those all important Cruz the Blues stamps that took them that much closer to that free shirt.  Other chose the more relaxing approach of hot tubbing in the afternoon sun, ready for a full week of lessons. 
All up, everyone is settling in well and a lot of cheesy grins have been seen around the mountain. Stay tuned for a full newsletter next weekend and until then, have fun and stay safe.
SnowSkool Dave and SnowSkool Scott
Course Hosts - 2015 SnowSkool Big White
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