The L2s are over and we can report great results for most, coupled with disappointment for some.  The L2 is a truly demanding process and felicitations go to those who cleared the bar and commiserations to those who came oh so close.  Below you'll find some photos of the presentations ...


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But back to the beginning ... last Saturday and Sunday presented the last chance to work on skills before exams would  be upon us. Everyone got busy perfecting their new found trade: some opted to work on their weaker aspects be they moguls, carving, freestyle etc while others chose to map out the runs they would use for each type of lesson. Some helped each other with practice teaches and some even shadowed lessons to get a feel for how working instructors and paying customers interact. With Saturday night came the chance to unwind when the Raven 203 crew kindly hosted an après event where beers were flowing, beer pong was in full flight and prop moustaches etc were brought along by Carly and Rhian. After 10.00pm we all made our way up to Sam’s and some continued on to Sessions
With Monday came the warm weather - 9 degrees and sunshine!  The skiers were out putting the finishing touches to their teaching sessions and the boarders faced any last minute worries with their trainers allowing each Skooler to work on their least favourite or weakest teach / riding skill. As the boarders finished their last ever day of training, nerves and excitement grew in the group.
Bright and earlyTuesday morning and our snowboarders sitting the exam met up at 8.30am with the CASI staff who would be their evaluators for the next four days.  After registration they headed out onto the snow, ready to show what the last 10 weeks of training had all been about. Given the skiers had already completed two of the required modules a few weeks ago, they met up at the usual time of 9.30am in final preparation for their exam starting on Thursday.
The sun was out on Wednesday morning but the snow was quite hard. While the boarders continued with their exams, both ski groups continued to work on teaching in the morning before moving to drills and exercises as the snow softened up. By the end of the day there were rumours of some new imaginary “safety characters” being introduced to try and better last year’s meerkat. Ben created Safety Gorilla, Joao had Safety T-Rex and there was even reference to a feverous junkie at some point. Make sure your Skoolers spread the word when they get home because we all now firmly believe in safety first.
The sun continued to shine on Thursday when it was our ski groups’ turn to meet up with the evaluators at 8.30am. Bright and early as that was, it was still later than those seeking Canadian visas who were up waiting for a place from 7.00am. With everyone in exams for the next few days, there was little we reps could do other than patiently wait to see how everyone got on.
It was all over by around 1.30pm on Friday. Everyone was given time to go home and get changed, grab a bite to eat or sit, wait and stress. Skiers gathered in Santé for their results at 4.00pm when we learned of an astounding pass rate with everyone passing at least one component (teach/ski) and the vast majority passing both. It was then a mad dash up to Sam’s to be with the boarders for their results. The nervous boarders generously congratulated the skiers with high fives and hugs before we all sat waiting for the next round of announcements, trying to keep as calm as possible. At 5.00pm, the snowboarders gathered into a small room where everyone was handed an envelope but asked to wait until all had been distrubuted so all could be opened together. Joao and Jack B were soon heard screaming with joy as others felt the pain for some of the guys who missed out on some of the components. At 5.30pm we all congregated up in the Gun Barrel Grill for a celebration dinner before the party continued down in Sam’s until closing. Many shots were had and everyone congratulated each other on their massive accomplishment. From both reps here this year, every single one of you should be proud of your achievements and how far you've came since Day 1 – well done, guys and girls!
Saturday morning saw the cloud and rain move in so most of us took shelter in the Blarney Stone in search of hangover cures. It was nice to just chill and watch the Six Nations’ rugby.
This weekend sees some of ours snowboarders take part in the freestyle park course so good luck to all involved.  We strongly suspect the rest of our Skoolers will be out enjoying their freedom and going where the spirit takes them – and maybe enjoying a cheek celebratory beverage or two!
With no lessons left we’ll be back next week to let you in on what shenanigans our Skoolers get involved in over the last week with the park and race courses on the agenda for some.
Thanks for tuning in again!
SnowSkool Dav and SnowSkool Scott
Course Hosts - SnowSkool Big White 2015
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