Time for the next instalment of news from Biggy where SnowSkool 2015 has completed its first full week. Monday morning brought bluebird conditions (sunny and clear to all you none snow bums) and the first day of full lessons. Everyone was thrown in at the deep end, coming to grips with the core competencies required on snowboard and skis. All you guys at home should ask your Skooler about them, just to make sure they were listening!  And check out some more photos of the group out on the slopes this week ...


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The theme of the day was definitely MOGULS MOGULS MOGULS!!!  All participants were heard saying I HATE moguls and some even suggested them to be a nemesis, didn’t they ... Jason?! Everyone eventually got the hang of them, after which Paula’s group was treated to a trip to Gem Lake where Medea was seen skiing through the bumps like a boss! Laura’s group went down the half pipe and Clarry showed us the first proper air of the season. They were then taken through bumpy alley and Jack took on some not-so-intentional air but he did bounce back up, dust himself off and show us how it was done.
Monday night brought everyone together for the first official group dinner at the Globe Restaurant where we all enjoyed the feed and heaps of seat hopping, sharing our unified hatred of moguls. Wolfe then treated us in a S’mores master class at which SnowSkool Scott just ended up in a sugary mess.
Tuesday and Wednesday brought more bluebird conditions and more moguls. Everyone got to work on their teaching and had to present a small building-block lesson. Robbie opted to teach his group how to throw a snowball which turned into more of a battle than a lesson but the main thing was everyone had fun! After two big days on the slopes, we all retired to the hot tub for some much deserved R&R.
Wednesday night saw the gang make their way down to Kelowna for the first big shopping trip to stock up the fridge and freezer.  Everything seemed liked a team effort until Rhian and Poppy were left to carry suitcases of food up for the Snowfalls boys – shame on you all! 
On Thursday morning we awoke to cloud EVERYWHERE!!! Most groups headed for the T-Bar / Powder chair to try and get above the cloud. Ski instructor Scott challenged his group to ski down the mountain with all their weight on their uphill ski, just to demonstrate how hard it was and where their body weight really should be, which made everyone look just a little silly. Daniel took a tumble but everyone made it down, having learned firsthand where to correctly position themselves. After another big day we made our way to Blarney Stone to the first SnowSkool movie night. A friendly drinking game started - for every helicopter spotted in the movie, a beverage had to be consumed.  However, after just a few minutes of the movie and way too many helicopter sightings, we gave up and just enjoyed the night. Most people went home for a quiet one but a small posse made it up to Snowshoe Sam’s and stayed until close.
We were up early on Friday morning and were treated to 10 cm of fresh champagne powder! The snow kept up all day and made the total 22cm. The instructors decided it was a good time to introduce everyone to tree runs and – unlike the mogul day - reports back were generally best day ever!  - which is exactly what we like to hear at SnowSkool. After lessons, everyone made it to SnowShoe Sam’s for end-of-week reviews and a chance to relax. We shared lots of positive feedback and celebrated the first week with a few pints and a catch-up. New friendships are forming (especially between Ross’s face, trees and moguls) and everyone is getting on well with the course.
With it set to snow for most of the weekend we’re all excited to get out and try what we’ve learned over the past few days. From everyone at SnowSkool Big White, have an awesome week and see you back here soon.
Cheers dears,
SnowSkool Dave and SnowSkool Scott
Course Hosts – SnowSkool Big White 2015
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