After a busy 10 or so days, everyone took the weekend to chill out, check out the whole mountain and treat themselves to some new gear using the discount provided to Skoolers at the in-resort stores. Sunday morning saw the start of the park course; new to Big White this year – and one brave Snow Skooler was in attendance, our only girl boarder, Cat. Well done you! 


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The start of the training week was heralded with blue skies and temperatures around the -5 mark. The skiers worked on their technique while the boarders were introduced to teaching beginners, a skill on which they’ll be assessed in just a few weeks. On Monday night we congregated down at Snowfall lodge for an informal pizza night where 20 large pizzas and various snacks were devoured in minutes and everyone chilled out for a few hours catching up on events. The party soon kicked up a gear when Ross treated us to an 80’s disco-themed dance party – all the girls, led by Cat, tried out some moves and some of the boys even joined in. On the way home, a few headed to Snowshoe Sam’s for the weekly pool comp where two of our guys (Sion and Joao) made it into the top five so hopefully we’ll see a win before the season’s over.
Tuesday brought another clear day and more lessons. Instructor Mike decided to take his group out of the comfort zone and introduce them to “The Cliff”. Jack got a little excited and was heard screaming “Woooooo!!!!” as he took off towards the lift. The rest of the crew took a moment to gather their thoughts and then charged down after him. Unfortunately, late in the afternoon two of our guys had a small collision which resulted in a visit to the medical centre, Alix was diagnosed with a minor concussion and took the rest of the week off to fully recover but he’ll be back, fighting fit, over the weekend. After dinner the boys in Raven 203 hosted a waxing party (steady – as in equipment rather than hair removal!) led by seasonnaire veteran, Matt, and come Wednesday morning, everyone was seen flying down the hill with their freshly waxed boards. The skiers continued to work on their technique and each student had a chance to take their group for a warm-up run, demonstrating a different tactic or exercise each time. There were calls of Sarah “killing all the flamingoes” – none too sure what that exercise involved but she certainly had fun. A small group made it to Kelowna on Wednesday night, be it for a fresh hair cut, to buy gear or just to fall in love – Michael came out of the Keg Steakhouse and we still can decide whether he fell in love with the food or the friendly local waitress. Back up on the mountain, skiers Carly, Rhian and Med decided to give snowboarding a go with the help of Donald, Matt and Cat. Luke and Robbie were seen in the back ground laughing as the learners went down.
Thursday morning brought with it 4cm of  fresh stuff: a POWDER DAY!!!  But as happens all too often in this business, with the fresh stuff came the cloud.  All the groups made the most of it and had a lot of fun in the trees finding some sweet jumps and enjoying a good old powder stash. On a side note, “fall of the week” went to none other than Mr Ben Weller, see photos for details! In the evening, we held another movie night where the skiers’ choice of “Supervention” was on show. Needless to say, everyone is now pumped for Sunday’s park course. Will was even heard saying a back flip would be in order - let’s hope it’s done safely.
The dreaded cloud stuck around on Friday morning but the snow kept falling so no one complained (too much). Everyone reviewed what they learnt throughout the week and worked on implementing the technical improvement feedback they had been given. After a busy afternoon getting everyone signed up for the Level 1 ski and board exam, we all headed to our first group hockey match where the local Kelowna Rockets won 5-3 over Everett Silvertips. It would be remiss not to mention a particular highlight when course hosts Scott and Dave provided the half time entertainment and signed up to be human slingshots, barreling across the ice at great speed. The Skoolers took it upon themselves to cheer one and boo the other, but it would be far too harsh to say who drew which response! After the match, memorabilia was bought, pictures with the mascot as taken and everyone made it back on the bus on time. On reaching Biggy, most made their way to Sam’s to celebrate the win of their new found sport’s team.
Over the weekend we’re expecting some warm temperatures so do keep your fingers crossed for us that we don't lose all our beloved snow.
From everyone over here at Biggie … see ya!
SnowSkool Dave and SnowSkool Scott
Course Hosts - SnowSkool Big White 2015
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