Welcome back to Big White where we’ve completed another successful week of training training – our very last one before next week’s Level 1 exams.  We've enjoyed a week of bluebird days but would appreciate some fresh snow falls.  Check out the photos below ...


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Last weekend saw most of the Skoolers venture into the park for the first time and take part in extra lessons, Unfortunately our resident park rat Oli was too sick to attend but he's once again fighting fit and ready to live up to his name. Everyone came away having learnt something new and really enjoyed themselves. Sunday night saw the entrepreneurs in our midst start up a new business when Rhian and Nick opened their hair salon and gave David what Nick describe as a bad ass mohawk. The Scottish contingent headed to Blarney Stone to celebrate Burns' night with some haggis, needs and tatties. Sion bought the whisky, about which no one complained.
Everyone knuckled down for the last full week of training before the Level 1 exams next week – v exciting!!! Some of the groups did rider improvement on Monday morning but most spent time in Happy Valley drilling practice teaches. After lessons we all retired to The Woods for group dinner and then carried on to Snowshoe Sam’s to help the Aussie’s celebrate Australia Day. Many lamington shots were had and a few of the guys entered the weekly pool comp where Donald and Joao did well but we’re stilling waiting for our first SnowSkool win.
Tuesday morning treated us to another bluebird day but with the warmer weather the snow had started to melt and it turned icy overnight. Jack’s ski group found some nice groomed runs to practice their turns before heading down to Happy Valley to join all the others for some teaching practice. Everyone chilled out in the evening and headed to Raven for another waxing party – Ben  picked the tunes and chilled everyone out with some reggae.
Wednesday was a ditto performance with another bluebird day and more icy conditions to challenge everyone’s riding. With the beginner slopes being busy, some of the groups chose to teach on the mountain which added the whole new challenge of having to pick appropriate terrain. The evening was chilled with everyone studying hard for exams.
The sun was out on Thursday and our birthday boy, Luke, was presented with birthday cake and chorus of “Happy birthday” sung to him outside on the Big White chair. But back in class everyone had to deliver a kids’ lesson, which saw all the Skoolers get in touch with their inner child, playing games as they taught each other the finer points of skiing and boarding. We all met up at Blarney Stone in the evening for some food and a study session before our weekly movie. Luke treated himself to some champagne; Poppy and Medea were seen laying on the floor writing up notes; the skiers were crowded round Carly’s laptop going over the CSIA reference manual and all the boarders had a big group discussion. Some went home for more studying while others stayed for our movie of the week, the classic Mighty Ducks!
You guessed it – Friday was another bluebird, plus the last review day before exams. Everyone had worked hard throughout the week and the improvement was noticeable.  All the Skoolers were given reviews to be sure they were clear on what’s needed for next week and at the end of the day, we all met up at Sam’s for a well-earned pint or two. 
We’ll be back next week with the results of the Level 1’s, hopefully accompanied by a bunch of photos with smiling faces and certificates in hand.  Please cross all fingers, toes, arms, whatever, and wish all the Skoolers good luck on Wednesday.
Back soon with the report card!
SnowSkool Dave and SnowSkool Scott
Course Hosts - SnowSkool Big White 2015
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