We did it!  The guys managed a HUGE pass rate in the Level 1 exams at the end of this past week and as a result, we now have many newly certified instructors in our midst. 
The end of last week saw us say goodbye to our Aussie skiing couple, Sarah and Michael, and we sent them off in style with an evening of fine dining at 6 degrees. They leave us with some new skills to try on the slope and even managed to fit in some snowmobiling on the last day, which Sarah described as, “Amazing! It’s like skiing with an engine!”


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After last week’s great drought, the snow god Ullr finally answered our prayers on Sunday morning with a fresh 17cm of powder! Our sincere thanks to anyone who wished snow upon us. Visibility wasn't great but everyone made the most of the fresh stuff and hid in the trees for most of the day. Some made their way to the park course where the boarders worked on their switch and regular 180’s while the skiers worked on box slides and airs. After the runs closed, the Snowfall crew invited us all round for a Superbowl party with the Patriots winning over the Hawks in the last 20 seconds of the game, much to the disgust of some of the Skoolers who’d backed the losing team. Pizza and Thai food was ordered and the night descended into a giant game of Damian’s Would You Rather.
The start of this week brought more snow and poorer visibility. During the two days before the Level 1’s, everyone put final touches to their teaching and riding techniques but still had time to have some fun in the powder and trees. Monday morning didn't come without its problems though – the gondola broke down and anyone from Raven and Snowfall lodges had to make the hike up to the village. Monday and Tuesday night were spent relaxing and going over the course theory for the end-of-week tests.
Wednesday morning brought with it Level 1 assessment day! Everyone made their way to the village and registered by 8.15am. The skiers met at the VCM and the boarders at White Crystal Inn’s conference room. With 49 Snowboarders taking the Level 1 exam on the same day (21 of them SnowSkoolers) it was the biggest CASI course ever. After registration was complete, everyone set off at around 9.00-9.30am to start the 3-day exam.
Thursday and Friday saw everyone get stuck into the teaching side of the course while continuing to work on their riding.  Some poor visibility and rain gave the Skoolers some challenging conditions but everyone got through and finished up at 2.30pm on Friday. Results were to be announced at 4.00pm so everyone went home to dry off. As everyone reassembled for the results, nerves grew as the instructors handed out the all-important envelopea. You’ll be thrilled to hear all the skiers passed and kept the 100%-pass-rate record for SnowSkool alive and all but 4 of the boarders pass with those four all passing either the ride or teach part of the course. Congratulations to everyone!  All you guys back at home should be proud as everyone did an amazing job. After the announcements, the gang bundled into Sam’s for some celebratory drinks, big hugs and high fives. We then made our way down to The Blarney Stone for a curry buffet and after some last minute invites, most of the instructors joined us for a drink and some food.  A big thanks to Jude and all the staff for another fun night. After our bellies were full, we all carried on the party at Sam’s until the end of the night.
This weekend is set to be a busy one with a night out in Kelowna on the cards, more celebrations and Burton making an appearance for a park demo.
Until next week, have fun and remember to congratulate all the Skoolers on their amazing achievement this week. Great to see all the hard work is paying off.
Cheers dears
SnowSkool Dave and SnowSkool Adam
Course Hosts -SnowSkool Big White 2015
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