Welcome back to another SnowSkool newsletter from Biggy where it’s been another busy and fun week and Level 1’s seems like so long ago. After the exams, some spent the weekend chilling while others seemed to take up residence in the bar. Saturday saw Burton Snowboards turn up at the mountain and capture the hearts of SnowSkool Scott, Luke and Joao, who got a little too excited and took some for of the boards for a test run.  Send it Sunday rolled around and Olly lived up to his park rat title while Medea showed the girls how it was done as the only female skier to attend. The snowboarders pushed themselves hard as they learnt new tricks on the jumps.  Check out the photos below of all the fun stuff we got up to this week ...


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With Monday morning came what was to be the weather pattern for the whole week - warm temperatures and cloud, which made for slushy, spring-like snow. All our skiers undertook special modules to help them prep for their Level 2 course (no rest for the wicked!) with some opting for the all-terrain module but most signing up for the teaching kids option. After the lifts closed we made our way up to Powder Ridge where Joao, Medea, Will and Cat hosted pizza night. Given it was both Robbie and Anthony’s birthdays, we sang them a rousing round of Happy Birthday and presented a birthday cupcake before heading to Sam’s to celebrate. Robbie had his birthday drink and tapped out for an early night.  Must be getting old or something.
Tuesday morning and everyone was back to full-on lessons.  All the instructors gave their students a ride-heavy day with tree runs, moguls, carving and lots of laps, which all had the Skoolers looking pretty tired by the end of the day only to face a similar routine the next day.  On Wednesday, Wolfie, Poppy and Medea were spotted at the chair lift holding giant blue poles and after further investigation it was revealed they had to direct someone down the mountain in a wheel-barrow fashion, which sounded awfully tiring! After lessons some of the Skoolers made their way down to Kelowna to restock food supplies and a look around the mall.  Some shared an impromptu jam night in Best Buy with Luke on bass, Jack B on drums, Wolfie on piano and Ross and Ieuan on guitar.
Thursday brought us another day of cloud, slush, warm temperatures and even some horrible rain.  Everyone battled through another big day of riding and skiing and hoped for some better weather. After dinner at the Blarney Stone some hung around for the weekly movie, Into the Mind. We watched in awe at the skiing and boarding on display. Some opted to go to see Ash Grunwald for a night of live music and some just turned in early for bed.
Friday morning and the sun finally broke through the clouds.  Sadly it was only for a few hours and the cloud rolled back in and the visibility turned for the worst again. Everyone headed out for the last day of lessons for the week and Matt bagged himself a new trick – a 540!  Skoolers were to be seen ripping through the park, trees and bumps, really enjoying the build up to the Level 2’s.
Over the weekend we had our first Skoolers head off into the back country on the Avalanche Safety Training course. SnowSkool Scott, Joao, David D and Damian made the hike up to East Peak to try their hand at some mountain rescue techniques so big thanks to the guys at Vertical Gain Services for the new skills and knowledge they shared and of course for our new right to say we’ve been in the back country!  Next stop … pro sponsorship!
Sadly this week we said goodbye to Daniel Shek and Luke Kamen, who were with us for just the Level 1 part of the course.  All the best for the future and we hope you’ve made some lasting memories and new friends.  And in the bad news department we had our first break of the season when Michael unfortunately ended up in hospital with a broken rib. Heal up soon, Buddy, and get back into things ASAP.
Until next week have fun and please pray for snow … or sun … or just about anything that isn't cloud!
SnowSkool Dave and SnowSkool Scott
Course Hosts - SnowSkool Big White 2015
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