After last week’s cloud and low viz we started the new week with glorious sunshine and low winds. Come Monday morning, the skiers commenced their Level 2 training with a really intense two-day clinic under the guidance of some of the highest level skiers in Canada. Everyone was put through their paces and came out of the sessions with really good feedback and a clear idea of what is needed to pass the exam.  The snowboarders started on their regular Level 2 with each person given a scenario featuring a particular problem the “student” was experiencing. The Skooler had the duration of the chairlift ride to make an appropriate lesson plan and then on the way back down, deliver a mock lesson that addressed the brief. Laura’s group sought out some challenging terrain and headed to Falcon chair and with the current conditions, everyone did amazingly well. Joao almost tackled his first cliff drop but thankfully he managed to stop in time and walk his way around the danger. As the sunset we all made our way to Sessions tap house and grill for our weekly group dinner after which most made their way straight home while others chose to have a relaxing pint before retiring.  Check out the photo below ...


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Tuesday saw Mike’s group trade teaching gigs. Ross and Matt took turns in teaching the same lesson with a different focus, just to prove how versatile a lesson and instructor can – or must! – be. Our skiers finished up with the Level 2 training reviews and we all assembled at Sam’s for a catch up. We were all introduced to a new game - Gecko - which resulted in half the group plastered to a wall with three of their limbs off the ground when the Gecko Master called the order – sort of vertical Twister and pretty funny to see!
Wednesday saw everyone return to standard lessons and Dobbie had his group trying to change edges while going a across the fall line to promote body mobility. SnowSkool Scott stood patiently with camera in hand, hoping for a stack of the week to eventuate and had mixed feelings of disappointment and pride when everyone smashed it. In the afternoon the group was challenged to repeat last week’s wheel barrow exercise and after a few trust issues were resolved, everyone started to nail. Carly was even heard ordering turns while Damian had control of her. After lunch Poppy and Rhian tried their hand at cuddle skiing which went really well for a few minutes until their skis got tangled and they ended in a heap in the snow. The other ski group worked on warm ups and warmed up so much they managed to blast ahead and lose the camera man.
After 10 days of no snow we woke up on Thursday morning to super icy conditions and clear skies and as much as we all love the clear skies we’re starting to get desperate for snow. Everyone made the most of the conditions and worked on their own skills and teaching techniques. After a few injuries Fernando’s boarder group was reduced to three brave individuals were sent down Gem Lake lift line, which is regarded as the proving ground of a SnowSkool boarder. Donald, Robbie and Jack B all braved the terrible conditions and came out more comfortable on a board than they'd ever been. They even had a well-deserved lie down when they got to the bottom. With the forecast of imminent snow everyone got to work on their snow dance, hoping for something special on Friday morning.
Finally our prayers were answered – 15 cm’s of fresh snow!!! Imagine the excitement of a 3 year old on Christmas day .... now times it by 1000 … and that’s how we felt. With broad smiles on our faces we all headed out to enjoy the conditions and make the most of it by getting into the trees, bumps and un-groomed terrain. After reviews we had a catch-up beer and discussed the week. After a mini tantrum in the morning, Will W came to the conclusion that a little bit of rage is all he needed to have the best day of skiing so far. He was even heard saying, All I need to do is go Hulk on the mountain!
With the weekend forecast for colder conditions we’re all hoping for more new snow to keep the smiles going and the good times rolling.
Back soon with more news,
SnowSkool Dave and SnowSkool Scott
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