It's the BASI 2 exams; the final week! 

Yes, the course has finally come to an end as it's the second week of the level 2 exams! The second week of the BASI L2 exam is pretty much the same as the first week but always feels more stressful because you know the end is nigh. The students are watched closely as they ski every run of the day, hoping to meet the standard and become fully qualified instructors.

This week, the students had to teach another 2 lessons: one aimed at the rest of the group and one aimed at kids to see how they coped. 

But Friday was the big day; the day where everyone found out if they passed or failed! Massive congratulations to the guys who passed, with 100% of snowboarders and the majority of skiers passing it was one of SnowSkool's best results ever. So everyone can be very, very proud of themselves!  

As is customary, massive celebrations went off at the Rond point Friday afternoon after everyone had the news - and it's fair to say it was a crazy afternoon! And the ski/board down in the dark was interesting to say the least! everyone down in one piece though - just about.   

Thanks to everyone for making it an amazing 10 weeks for everyone involved - especially all the trainee instructors who've been brilliant! And for those who didn't pass the exams this time round - we're sure you'll hit the mark next time.

Until next year.... but let's also say a massive thankyou too to all the chalet hosts, Robbie, Belle, Nick and Lydia! All the instructors who work for Parallel Lines and Can 9 who trained the students over the 10 weeks! And let's not forget Anna for organising, looking after and helping all of the students however she could!  

See you in 2017!

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