It has been a busy weekend welcoming arrivals at the airport and in resort, but it’s been amazing to finally meet the new 2017 crew!

First thing on Monday morning everyone attended a welcome meeting where the students met one of the Parallel Lines directors John Hendry, who is also one of the groups’ trainers. We also have to give a special shout-out to Caitlin Freeland for walking out of her front door and managing to fall, albeit gracefully, after just a few steps! Then we all headed up to Meribel together for a group ski before training – and we were graced by the presence of one of the SnowSkool Directors, Phil!

Lots of improvements on the hill have already been made with Parallel Lines training every day from 2 - 5pm, with instructors Angus, Dave, John, Mike and Lee. However, not all introductions were necessary as Eddie Twyman managed to meet one of the trainers over a few beers in the bar last week!

Luckily the snow appeared a few days before the group arrived which has been absolutely brilliant for our skiing and boarding. The clouds descended on our first day and we had a very cold and windy lesson, but ever since then we’ve had beautiful, bluebird days! It has been great to see how much everyone has improved their technique due to lots of carving and short turn practice, alongside the dreaded central theme!

On Thursday night we all headed out to the live comedy tour “Taking the Piste” in Jacks bar which was great fun! But Charlie Cresswell made the mistake of sitting right at the front, where he became an easy target for the comedians’ jokes.

Overall, it’s been an incredible start to our 11-week adventure with everyone forming strong friendships already and preparing for the BASI Level 1 exam in a couple of weeks.

It looks like we’re going to have a great season together!

Until next time…

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