It’s crazy to think that the first week of the BASI Level 2 exam is already over and there’s only one more week of SnowSkool left! How has it gone so quickly?! There’s been some positive feedback from the BASI trainers about the effort the SnowSkoolers have been putting in, so keep up the good work throughout next week guys!

This week has been another week of gorgeous weather, with blue skies and extremely warm temperatures yet again. Piste conditions have been good although a little slushy towards the end of the day! However, there is snow forecast to fall over the weekend which is much needed, so have your fingers crossed for a fresh layer of snow for the final exam week!

They don’t give the Level 2 qualification out to just anyone: Students are assessed separately on their teaching skills and technical skiing ability.

For the teaching aspect of the exam they have to deliver lessons on a skill from the central theme, ranging from sliding all the way through to snowplough turns and parallel skiing. They must target the coaching tasks to a specific audience (e.g. a certain age of child) and demonstrate the technique to the group without any flaws. Everyone seems to have picked up useful tips and drills from shadowing the Parallel Lines instructors but it has been great to see some initiative and new ways of teaching being demonstrated as well.

Technical skiing ability is assessed on how well the candidates can perform their long carving turns and short turns (on steeper slopes). How they cope with bumps and variable skiing conditions is also assessed, along with central theme techniques such as snowplough turning. The groups have been lapping the Courcheval Altiport area most days, as it is absolutely perfect for teaching assessments and practicing the central theme, gaining valuable feedback from their trainers and perfecting their technique.

On Friday night most of the candidates joined BASI trainers Steve, Craig and Jason in the local bar, Tsaretta, for a drink (or two). Hopefully they managed to get in their good books and will reap the rewards throughout the second week of the exam! It was fun to finally see everyone relax and have a night out after a long week of worrying about studying and training. We also have SnowSkool Awards night on Saturday in recognition of some of the funnier moments and achievements from the season. Everyone has placed their votes and nominations and we will let you know the outcome in next week's blog!

I am also pleased to announce that the winners of the Valley Rally were Team 4, hitting it out of the park with 700 points! Well done to Mína, Johnnie, Byron, Sylvie, Charlie T, Daniel, Joel and Ethan!

Good luck for next week everyone! We know you’ll smash it!

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