The end of the BASI Level 1 exam has given us a chance to have a bit more fun in the snow this week! The SnowSkoolers have been a lot more relaxed and have had an amazing time free-skiing alongside training this week.

Our prayers to the Snow Gods were definitely worth it!! The snow came on Saturday and kept snowing all the way through until Wednesday, so we’ve had a few powder days here and some great on-piste conditions too!

Training kicked off this week with new instructors Zoe, Gary and Dan who have already gotten to know everyone’s skiing technique and identified what they need to work on for BASI level 2. The sessions have been really positive and enjoyable. Dan had his group skiing a whole run on one ski and Millie even showed us some of her gymnastics on the mountain in her ski boots! We also tried some off-piste together in the lessons which ended in carnage, leaving about seven SnowSkoolers on their backs in the powder – a pretty funny sight!

A couple of the guys Megan, Maddie, Ed Potter, Ed Colin and Tarrick have found a hut where they have spent the week building kickers and attempting some new tricks. Shoutout to Ed Potter for landing his first ever backflip on skis and to Tarrick for doing the same on a board! Ed even opened an Instagram account just so he could post the video evidence for the world to see! Let’s wait and see if any more tricks emerge from their time at the hut next week. We will keep you updated!

Some of us have had a less graceful week however… A few of the SnowSkoolers decided to ski the Couloir Tournier (Turn Corridor) run under the Saulire which is always a challenge, but brilliant fun! They all managed it eventually, even after Imogen fell spectacularly and lost both of her skis in the deep snow. A passer-by saw her struggling and assumed she needed help so called ski patrol, who came to the rescue and speedily found both of her skis. Hopefully we won’t be needing ski patrol again anytime soon, but we might need to keep an eye on Imogen.

We’ve also had our annual bowling tournament this week, where the instructors and their ski/board groups team up and get a little bit competitive. But a bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone… right?! In the end it was Angus and Zoe’s ski group that won with an average of 92.7, with the high scorer being Dan Smith achieving 118 points! Congratulations guys!

Here’s to another amazing week in the Alps!!

Until next time…

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