This week has been English Half Term week in the Alps, which means it has been an extremely busy few days over here in Meribel. Over 300 children and adults having been arriving for their lessons at the Parallel Lines meet point from Sunday morning, which has given the SnowSkoolers a taster of life as a skiing or snowboarding instructor and how busy it can be! They have been an integral part of the Parallel Lines Ski School operations throughout this hectic week, “shadowing” lots of different lessons.

Shadowing involves accompanying an instructor and their group for the week, helping with the enjoyment and confidence of the clients, alongside generally learning what the life of an instructor is like. The shadowing groups ranged from mini greens (3-5 year olds) to the top level mountain expert groups. Everyone agreed it was a valuable experience, and all students are well on their way to achieving a total of 35 hours shadowing so that they are able to take their BASI level 2 exam.

A lot of the students who were shadowing the younger groups created a great rapport with their children and the parents. One member of Ethans group even asked if she could be his “special friend”. Shadower of the week is definitely Eddie Twyman who got brilliant feedback from his instructor and was incredible with the kids in his group! A massive well done to Millie, Lara, Charlie T and Ed P as well, who were helping with the youngest mini green groups this week – they were quite a handful, but they managed to keep the children entertained and teach them a few things at the same time! We’ve also started to see some great goggle tans, particularly from Ed Colin! 

Thank you to all of the SnowSkoolers this week, you were all so helpful and brilliant ambassadors for Parallel Lines!

A special mention also has to be made to Matilda, for attempting to show the kids in her group how to do a slalom race course. However, she managed to spectacularly fall over at the first gate AND lose her ski in the process. It gave us all a good laugh though!

Until next time...!

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