It’s week six here in Meribel and another week of half term for the English kids! We’ve had an especially busy week with Parallel Lines, doing more shadowing of both adults and kids lessons in the mornings, which the SnowSkoolers have become amazing at. Chatting to the parents and kids at the meetpoint and helping to organise the groups. The SnowSkoolers have also been back to training every afternoon from 2-5pm with Mike, Lee, Gary, Angus and Dan. Training has mainly consisted of practicing short turns in preparation for BASI level 2, which is getting closer and closer every day! Angus’ group has also been focusing on skiing the bumps a lot this week which has been brilliant fun for all involved!

The weather has been variable this week, with some beautiful bluebird days and a couple of seriously foggy ones. Skiing in a whiteout has been fun though, with Dans’ group doing drills with their eyes closed to achieve good balance! If you can’t see because of the weather, why have your eyes open anyway!?

A massive congratulations to Eddie Twyman and Henry Depel for receiving the amazing news that they have been offered places at University to start in September! Well done guys!

On Wednesday we were treated to the AeroSnow Aerial Show (the French version of the Red Arrows) and those that could headed to La Folie Douce for the best viewpoint and some lunch. The show was incredible, the planes did some amazing tricks and flew seriously close together! They also emitted the 3 Valleys colours of red, white and blue behind them and drew pictures in the sky for everyone to see!

We will keep you updated and hope for another incredible week to come!

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