This week has been another incredible week, with lots of exciting things to report!

Firstly, and most importantly we are very pleased to say that everyone who retook their BASI level 1 exam has now passed – taking the overall pass rate to 100%! We are so impressed with our 100% BASI level 1 pass rate and have high hopes for everyone in their BASI level 2 exams! Congratulations everyone, keep training hard and we’ll see some amazing results at the end of the season!

We also had a huge amount of snowfall this week which lasted 4 whole days! The SnowSkoolers have absolutely made the most of the conditions and launched themselves into the off-piste as often as they could! Ben and Sylvie seriously went for it down a tree run and Sylvie managed to bend her pole into a right angle! However, the Jerry of the week award definitely goes to Ben for actually snapping his pole in half (then taping it back together with duct tape of course!).

A couple of the braver SnowSkoolers were also found building kickers at the Les Allues hut they frequent, and attempting backflips no less. Well done to Dane and Maddie for actually landing one (or 3 in Dane’s case!). Others have spent their time trying tricks into the huge air bag in Mottaret, which has led to some amusing photos of SnowSkoolers flying through the air in some crazy positions (find some of these in the image gallery below).

On Friday the Snowboarders took part in some on-the-hill avalanche training with Parallel Lines. Don’t worry skiers, your training is happening next week! This included learning about the snow layers, how to determine the likelihood of avalanche and how to use equipment such as transceivers and probes. This is brilliant timing for learning these things due to the recent snow conditions. Safety always comes first as an instructor!

However, the highlight of the week was definitely the Valley Rally on Sunday! Everyone got into the spirit of it and arrived at the Rond Point in some impressive outfits. We had Superheroes, Jerrys and Park Rats to name a few (and even SpongeBob SquarePants turned up). Everyone managed to complete the challenges, such as wearing an ESF jacket, hugging a lifty - and taking part in our game of Egg Russian Roulette in Courchevel. Well done.

The Valley Rally scores are not yet in but we will update you with the winning team as soon as possible.

Until next time – and good luck everyone preparing for the Level 2 exams.

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