It has been the final week of training before the BASI Level 2 exam begins on Monday and the weather couldn’t have been better for it - with beautiful bluebird days, everyday! Everyone has been training hard and perfecting their long and short turns, alongside delivering at least one practice teaching session each. So we have every faith that everyone is going into their exam 100% prepared!

All 5 of the BASI instructors will be coming to the chalets on Sunday evening to introduce themselves and explain how the next two weeks will run.

Parallel Lines booked a piste on Thursday and put up some racing gates for the groups to try out! Race day was definitely the highlight of the week and everyone really enjoyed themselves, we even had a few crazily impressive falls to laugh about!

It got pretty competitive towards the end but in the end we have to say well done to Johnnie for getting the fastest time through the gates at 18.5 seconds, closely followed by Eshel! Then on Friday after the lesson everyone headed to the Rond Point to celebrate/mourn the end of training. Most of the Parallel Lines instructors came along too, and some of them even bought a round of drinks for everyone! Thanks Boozy, Phil, Angus and Dan!

Also a special shout-out and massive well done to Mina for winning a singing competition and LDV this week! We’re all so happy for you and impressed that you had the courage to go up there and do that. Congrats!

Unfortunately, we’ve had to say goodbye to our very own Dan Smith (or DaddyCat as he has become affectionately known) due to a snowboarding injury! We wish you all the best and hope that you’ll be able to take your BASI level 2 exam as soon as humanly possible. Sadly, Eddie Twyman has also left us as he is unable to take the level 2 exam on account of patella tendonitis. We’re sure you’ll get the Level 2 once your injuries are better, both.

Good luck to everyone starting their exams on Monday! Everyone at SnowSkool and Parallel Lines is rooting for you!

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