This week has been a lot less busy since the British half term weeks have finally ended! It’s been amazing to see smaller queues at the lifts and to have the mountain back to ourselves for a little while. This has made training on the hill a lot easier with more space to practice long carving turns on quieter and safer pistes.

We’ve also had some amazing weather conditions this week, with a huge dumping of snow over three days! This has given everyone the chance to practice their variable and off-piste skiing and boarding, which has led to some funny falls covering the victim completely in snow. Our resident Aussies, Matilda and Ben, had never skied in powder before, so this week has been an eye-opening experience for them! We’ve got to give them credit for throwing themselves into it (literally, head first sometimes!) and managing the new conditions incredibly.

The lessons this week have also included some off-pisting, bumps and variables, alongside the usual long and short turns. However, the off-piste was clearly too much for one of the instructors, Phil, who caught an edge and fell over in front of everyone. Looks like he will be buying the group a traditional pitcher of beer at the Rond Point for his sins next week…

The BASI level 1 retakes are happening this weekend so training has also been geared towards short turn practice to ensure the best results for our re-takers. Instructor Dan even took a specialised group lesson for just the re-takers to practice for the level 1 exam. Good luck to everyone on Saturday! We are rooting for you and have all our fingers and toes crossed for you. You’ll do it this time!

To unwind from the BASI exams and long week of training we have the SnowSkool Valley Rally organised for Sunday. This is a fun race around the mountain in teams, with bonus points for fancy dress and silly challenges. It will be a day to remember and we’re all excited to see what outfits the SnowSkoolers come up with!

We’ll keep you updated with all news BASI and Valley Rally as soon as possible…

Until next time…

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