With Level 1 just around the corner, the SnowSkoolers are feeling quietly confident about what lies ahead. They have spent as much time as possible out and about, learning the slopes and discovering what The Three Valleys has to offer. Seeing as it's the worlds largest ski area, that turns out to be quite a lot!

The truckload of snow that has been coming down has been a blessing and a curse this week, with many lifts being closed and even the whole resort shut down on Wednesday due to high winds. However, we soldiered on and made the most of what was available. The fresh snow is usually a great opportunity to try some new tricks, as it works as a super soft, pillow-like crash pad. Well, that was the logic from D and Adam, who thought they would give their first backflip attempts of the season a go. 10/10 for commitment, but unfortunately Adam was left worse for wear with a dislocated shoulder... Doc says he can still snowboard though! 

We ended the week by attending the first Ice Hockey demonstration game of the season. A great turn out, almost everyone as there as it was the first game for most. I can definitely see the SnowSkoolers becoming regulars. 

Fingers crossed for Level 1 next week! 

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