LEVEL 1 IS DONE! Everyone has been hard at work on the hill, which led to an amazing pass rate, congratulations to everyone! It also happened to be Australia Day on Friday, so the SnowSkoolers all got into celebration mode and helped Juliet and Laura, our very own Aussies, celebrate with a big BBQ party!

A well deserved rest was taken from most on Saturday, although Luke took the opportunity to borrow a snowboard. It seems that he is a natural, perhaps he picked the wrong sport... Although he did have some freshly qualified Level 1 snowboard instructors with him to help him along! 

The first instalment of our yoga / pilates class was on Sunday, hopefully we can find a way to get rid of leg and foot ache, that seems to be all too common in the students, as well as zenning out for the week ahead. Namaste!

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