With the 6 Nations kicking off, the Olympics and the all round stoke of being here - the SnowSkoolers are really starting to take to the Apres scene. And it's easy to see why with the back-to- back sunshine that hit us. We are even starting to look the part, with Woody and Pete rocking some gnarly seasonaire/goggle tans so everybody on the mountain knows they are local!

At risk of repeating myself - MORE SNOW IS FORECAST. This will give our eyes a rest and the slopes a chance to bulk up again. Which is good timing as the SnowSkoolers are free all afternoon this coming week. A chance to rest, recuperate... or send it in the fresh pow that we have been blessed with! 

Lesson have been top notch this week, everyone is going strong! Or as strong as their bodies will let them after 5 weeks of intense skiing and snowboarding. Most people are doing their best to make every moment count, getting on the hill and putting into practise all they have learnt. There was even word of Elena staying in to 'revise' - too good to be true. 

Off the slope, we help the Official SnowSkool 2018 Beer Pong Tournament Championship Extravaganza! This was held at Meribar, where discounted beer and the competitive spirit lead to an evening of intense beer pong. For a few people it was their first experience of the game and judging by the success, maybe it will just be the first instalment of many. The tournament was won by power couple Niamh and Adam, who have a few seasons under their belts - potentially years of beer pong practise there. Dark horse and MVP has to go to Jean-Luc, it may have been his first time ever playing but his pétanque skills made him a deadly adversary.

Next week brings us more ice-hockey, a free Wednesday afternoon perfect for apres and a whole ton of powder to play with." 

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