We did it, everyone! We survived half term week. The lift queues were long and the slopes were busy, but we made it through. But it's not over just yet, as we come crashing into Paris half term week. The latest in ski fashion will be seen all across the Three Valleys, denim jeans may not be waterproof, warm or dynamic - but damn do they look good. Which is always rule numero uno. 

This week the SnowSkoolers helped out with the kids lessons each morning, with the afternoons off to focus on their personal skills or to just enjoy the mountain. John, one of the directors of Parallel Lines Ski School, praised all the SnowSkoolers for their help over this week, and gave special mention to Joe and Jake, who were helping out the tiny little kids ski lessons of 3+ years, awesome job guys!

In fact, all of the skiers arms are looking much bigger this week. It must be from bicep curling fallen children from off of the ground and back on to their feet. Just another hidden benefit of being a ski instructor! 

As Level 2 is starting to rear it's head, the time is looming to make the call to go all in and commit. Next week brings us shadowing in the morning then back into tuition in the afternoons. The instructors will continue to guide them in their development before we reach our final training week before the exams.

We had planned for a 'backwards weekend', where the skiers go snowboarding and the snowboarders go skiing over Saturday and Sunday. However, our luck started to run out with the powder days and sunshine, as we had some rain coming down which didn't look too appetising. Instead, we headed to the ice rink. It turns out Luke, Doug and Amrik had yet another talent there. Bertie definitely tried... so 10 points for effort. Amrik then went on to cook a curry with Evie (one of our awesome chalet hosts) for the 12 people eating in the chalet - Ramsey himself couldn't have done a better job. 

Unfortunately there is some sad news to report. Josh Desmond has had to leave us due to a broken collar bone, he had a great send off at the local pub, Tsaretta, and has vowed to return at the end of the season. Toby will also leave us in the next few days, we hope to see him return towards the end to get the whole family together! 

Weather update: Snow, sunshine and smiles.

See you next week!


SnowSkool Three Valleys Resort Manager.

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