"It's called 'fashion', baby!" This week has been Paris half term week, and it did not disappoint. Tight trousers, tight jackets and the stale smell of cigarettes filled the mountain. As the masses of people crowded the slopes, inspiration was taken from the Olympic slalom, as we weaved in and out of giant conga lines of snowplowing skiers.  

On a serious note, Level 2 is just around the corner! We have one week of all day training and then we get stuck in. It means that it's time for everyone to make the call to book on or not, and I am pleased to report that pretty much every one is going for it! 

A congratulations is also in order for Woody, Jean-luc, Laura and Lily - who all smashed their Level 1 resit over the weekend! 

On an even more serious note, Saturday was the day of our "Valley Rally"! This event was left purposely vague right up until the kick off, in order to build suspense and mystery. The way it worked is pretty simple, we all met at a bar in town for a bacon sarnie and a shot of toffee vodka for breakfast. The competitors were then split into 4 teams and given a sheet of challenges. Each new challenge was just as weird, dumb and silly as the last, designed to encourage tomfoolery around the mountain. Some examples included:

Kiss or be kissed by a liftie 

Do the worm on a table at an après bar 

Tell 5 strangers that you are the best skier on the mountain

Fall over in front of a kids lesson  

Get dragged up a drag lift 

Each completed challenge equals points, the team with the most points are the winners! We rounded it off with an on-mountain Beer Pong Tournament, then managed to make it down for dinner in Meribar in time for the rugby. I can announced that the winners of the Official Snow Skool Three Valley's Rally are Juliet, Pete, Gimel, Seb and Tom. Gimel was dragged up a drag lift for an impressive 2 minutes!

Now we have got some silliness out of the system, it's time for some serious studying in time for exams!

Some good news in store next week I'm sure!


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