Crunch time has cometh! This week marks the beginning of the two week BASI Level 2 assessment. The evenings have been very quiet, with SnowSkoolers getting their heads in the books. Chalet Clair du Lune even seem to have lifted their 'no ski talk after 8' rule. 

Split into three groups, they spent the first few days working on their own personal skiing and snowboarding; carves, moguls, short turns long turns. There was even an appearance from every skiers favourite move: the snowplow. The week was rounded off with some practise teaching, leading the group through a different stage of the process. 

After a highly focused week, it only made sense to blow off some steam on Friday by heading to the local, Tsaretta. This was also a chance to help celebrate Doug's birthday, who unfortunately has decided to go home due to an injured knee.

Just as the weather started to turn warm, muggy and rainy, winter decided it wasn't quite done yet. A fresh layer of snow came down with more promised in the next week. The streets around Les Allues are looking a bit sad, but the mountains are doing just fine!

Good luck everyone in their Level 2's! I'm sure next week we'll be celebrating some great passes. 

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