What a start to the week, we couldn’t have wished for better conditions! The best conditions this season so far! Monday was a powder day; face shots and knee-deep powder. The best thing about it was the snow was set to keep falling all week!

Some had the rest of their first aid course to finish this week, while others started their work shadowing. As Harry kept saying, the majority of the time shadowing children’s lessons consisted of him picking small children up out of the deep snow as they kept disappearing.

Tuesday brought The 3 Valleys' legendary band ‘Bring your Sisters’ back to play for a one-off gig as they stopped playing a couple of years ago. Brad, Andy and a few of the others knew who they were and knew they were in for a treat. Everyone went down to après, and what an après it was!

This week saw Andy leave us all behind to go back to good old Blighty as he was only here for the BASI Level 1. He will be missed by us all but we will be seeing him again shortly as he tells us he’ll be back in the spring. We’ll see you soon Andy!

As the snow was getting deeper some of the SnowSkoolers asked if the instructors would take the groups off-piste and do some avalanche training with them. Everyone one had fun in the pow and there were smiles all round.

Friday saw the start of the Six Nations, and everyone was keen to get down to the Tsaretta to watch. We have lots of rivalry between some of the SnowSkool gang with Scots, Irish, Welsh and English all included in the group.

Last but not least we should give a special mention to Rob for making it on ‘Jerry of the Day’ for his amazing big air fail!!! If you haven’t had chance to see the video you should definitely head on to Jerry of the Day Instagram or Facebook.

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