Looks like its Bluebird and Birthday week here in the Three Valleys. The Sun is shining, and we have three birthdays to celebrate this week!

Everyone is working hard towards their BASI level 2 qualification, with lots more work shadowing as well as lessons. Most people are making the most of every moment to get in the practice. Although after 5 full on weeks of skiing and snowboarding, it meant everyone decided to stay in Friday night and have a chilled one…. normally unheard of! Everyone was all skied and snowboarded out this week with most having a rest this weekend.

Tuesday was Solvi’s birthday, so the Chalet Host put on a Cheese Fondue and Moet night! It was enjoyed by everyone in Chalet Phoenix and I think the others are now planning a Fondue night. Wednesday was the celebration of James and Steve’s Birthdays. They all had a Beer Pong night and celebrated at the Tsaretta which I think went on until late in the night. So a few tired and sore heads on Thursday.

Round 2 of ‘Taking the Piste’ Comedy tour happened on Thursday. Two new acts, Tom Houghton and Rob Deering, at Meribar. Brilliant acts and I think even better than last time. With all the birthday celebrations all week everyone decided to get an early one after the Comedy was finished.

On Saturday a few boys went out and hit the park in Courchevel trying out some tricks, some going well and some not so much! Then all the SnowSkoolers spent the afternoons on Saturday and Sunday watching the Six Nations rugby! Another successful, snow filled week in the Three Valleys. On to the next one!

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