The dreaded half term week is upon us! The slopes are busy and full of children, perfect for the last week full of work shadowing for the SnowSkoolers! Everyone had a full week of shadowing to complete, which by the end of the week everyone was knackered from picking up children and racing around the mountains after them.

I would like to give a special mention to all the SnowSkoolers this year as I had amazing feedback from all the instructors at Parallel lines for all their hard work helping and shadowing lessons. “They were all terrific and very impressive, best students we’ve ever had”.

the weather being so sunny and warm, we’re all forgetting its only February and not the spring! This also means some goggle tans are getting pretty out of hand, everyone looks like real instructors now!

With next week approaching fast, everyone is looking forward to getting back in to lessons for 5 full days of tuition for the last week before BASI level 2! So heads down for next week, we can’t believe how fast its going!

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