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In 2004 we fumbled our way through SnowSkool's first ski instructor courses and snowboard instructor courses. There was a lot of laughter, a few tears and more than one hairy moment but, over a decade later, we have brought the lessons of those formative years to bear and we now operate the slickest-running courses in Canada, France, New Zealand and Switzerland.

Every year, hundreds of people like you (but not quite as cool or good-looking as you) train with SnowSkool. Many have become a snowboard instructor or ski instructor (and sometimes both) as part of a year out, as the first step in a career in the snowsports industry or simply to tell people they fancy down at the Pub. Whatever your motivations, you are welcome to join us! Others have spent time with SnowSkool for a quick fix of ski improvement or to progress their snowboarding. Our range of improver holidays is the stuff of fantasy for every skier/ snowboarder; powder training in the most snow-sure resorts, progressing your freestyle in the world's best Parks or, once and for all, learning to nail a mogul field with effortless grace. Whatever you want to achieve, SnowSkool can help!

With courses of between one and eighteen weeks taking place in four countries across both the northern and southern hemisphere, we are confident that SnowSkool has a course to suit your individual budget and requirements. And we should know, we have been doing this for a wee while now...

It's a deal...It's a steal!

Get yourself a private double room in Big White...£400 for eleven weeks!

Fancy a Room Upgrade?

Choose a private double room...just £400 for 11 weeks!

Just when you were thinking that the SnowSkool accommodation in Big White could not get any better! We have a small number of double rooms that are available for one person for all eleven weeks of the course at a fee of £400 (on top of your course fees that is!) So if you are looking for a little extra privacy, this is the ideal situation for you without spending an incredible amount of money. And what is more, these rooms are not in an apartment on the far side of the moon, they are slap-bang in the village centre of Big White, they offer ski-in/ ski-out access and are just a stone's throw from Big White's restaurants, bars and shops.

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