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For some of you it is all about being able to look friends, work colleagues and even random strangers in the eye and state, with confidence bursting out of every fibre of your being, that you are a qualified ski instructor. Naturally, and without thinking, there will be a sharp intake of breathe as they reply: "Wow ... really?" and you close it off by saying: "Yes. I am that cool."

Others, of a more analytical disposition, may gloss over the "cool" aspects of being a ski instructor and may want to consider what kind of ski instructor they want to be. Is it the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance for you? Or are you a BASI (wo)man? Or do you like the sounds of NZSIA?

There is a fairly decent chance that you may resort to shrugging your shoulders at this point ... "I don't have a clue" is the most common response when we pose this question! What is useful to know, however, is that the ski instructor qualifications offered on all SnowSkool courses are overseen by regulatory bodies that are active members of ISIA (International Ski Instructors' Association) whose role is to set and maintain the high standards of ski instructors across the globe.

We have written up some information on each of the ski instructor qualifications that we offer
And we created this blog for further reading: Best Ski Instructor Qualification For Me ...

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