The week that was in Wanaka - SnowSkool NZ 2015 Week 3

This past week was a really important one and it started to hit home when everybody realised the exams were only FOUR training days away! And possibly only one week away from being a qualified instructor!

How to Ski Moguls - 5 Tips

Skiing on Moguls
Moguls, a divisive topic, but love ‘em or hate ‘em – it’s a good idea to know how to handle 'em. Here are Snowskool’s top 5 tips to improve your mogul skiing.

The week that was in Wanaka - SnowSkool NZ 2015 Week 2

Second week done in what was a bit of a mixed bag in terms of weather - the guys got to experience the different kinds of conditions NZ can throw up, sometimes all in one day! However with the Level 1 exams only a week away there was no time to spend wishing for sunshine so everyone knuckled down and got on with the training.

The week that was in Wanaka - SnowSkool NZ 2015 Week 1

It has begun! The students have landed! SnowSkool has hit Wanaka! Welcome to the first round of news from SnowSkool New Zealand 2015. It’s been a great first week here in Wanaka with everyone arriving, getting to know each other and stepping right into training, with some great days up on the hill. Some had just a short hop from Australia while others travelled for ten times as long –over 40 hours! – but they all finally made it. And this year, so did their luggage! Yay!

How not to be a Punter on the slopes - 5 Tips

A beginner should not expect to be laughed at for asking Jean-Baptiste, the tanned demi-God ski instructor, if there is a right ski and a left ski before setting off downhill. But, should he ask which way the skis should point or indeed clip into skis with the tips at the tail and the tails at the tip, he should absolutely expect to be laughed off the slopes and taken in a taxi to the nearest airport. For a PUNTER he most certainly is… Here’s SnowSkool’s guide on to how not to be one this season…

The Best Ski & Snowboarding GoPro Videos

GoPros, where would the world be without them? Adventurers wouldn’t be able to film outrageous stunts and feats for a start - and Snowskool wouldn’t be able to create blog posts like this one, neither. But luckily the world is infested with GoPros. So here are some of the best skiing and snowboarding GoPro videos that we’ve watched recently:

Introducing Chalet Orgentil - a new Catered Ski Chalet in Meribel

Snowskool's sister company, The Chalet Company, is delighted to announce the acquisition of the newest of its meribel ski chalets for the 2015/ 16 season. The new chalet, called Chalet Orgentil, is located in an enviable position - a short walk to the rear of the chalet will bring you to the chairlift giving access to the Three Valleys

The ten best places to ski or snowboard without snow

Skiing in forest
There’s not much snow around at this time of year - at least if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere. But if you’re still itching to get on the skis then there are a few places where you can still go.

How to Ski Off Piste Safely - 5 Tips!

How to ski off piste
Skiing off piste can be exhilarating but it can also be dangerous so it’s best approached with caution. Nonetheless, off-piste skiing is still popular. So if you are going to do some off-piste skiing then here are five tips and things to check.

The weeks that were in SnowSkool Banff 2015 - Wks 11 & 12

It's all over! SnowSkool Banff 2015 came to a close last week and by the time you read this, some Skoolers will still be hanging in Banff but most will be on their way to life's next adventure. It's time for the final installment of our fab season here in the Canadian Rockies ...