Snowskool’s 5 Favourite Oldskool Snow Levels

At Snowskool we love snow, obviously, and some of the team also have a penchant for videogames. And the fluffy white stuff is just around the corner! So we thought it’d be a good time to put together a list of our favourite Oldskool Snow levels, from before the year 2000.

Snowboarding Tips & Tricks: How to Snowboard in Powder

Snowboarding in Powder: Snowboarding Tips & Tricks from Snowskool
Snowboarding in powder can be one of the most enjoyable experiences there is so we spoke to Alyn Nash, lead snowboard trainer on the SnowSkool Big White course, to get some tips and tricks help you (and us) enjoy those endless days of glorious powder…

And This Month’s SnowSkool Legend Winner is Brendan Delisio!

We have been asking you to share your #ski & #snowboard selfies with us throughout 2014 for a chance to appear on our Facebook header and WIN a week in Meribel. Congratulations to our latest Legend of the Month, Brendan Delisio!

Stereotypical Skier No1: The Ageing Seasonnaire

A long and relatively quiet summer in the SnowSkool office sparked many pointless conversations - which animals are the hardest? What would we do with a lottery win? And lots of reminiscences about winter seasons past. On the back of the latter, some bright-spark eventually came up with the idea of doing a series of stereotypical skiers that may or may not be based on people we've come across since 2003. Meet the first in SnowSkool's series of stereotypical skiers: The Ageing Seasonnaire!

SnowSkool Shortlisted for World Snow Awards!

SnowSkool has been shortlisted for a World Snow Award (basically the same as the Oscars) within the category of Best UK Specialist Tour Operator (the equivalent of Best Actor). The prize-giving will be hosted by Graham Bell (the skiing world's Brad Pitt) and so we really, really, really want to be there! The winner will be decided by public vote and so we were wondering if you would be so kind as to log-on and give twenty seconds of your time voting for us?! Please...pllleeeeaaassseee....pretty please?!!!!

The week that was in Wanaka - Week 10

Here we are back after the extended week of the L2 exams. It’s been a long and pressured fortnight which has brought both pleasure and pain as our time in the Land of the Long White Cloud drew to a close. Read on for the final instalment of our time in NZ as we all start making our way on to life's next adventure ...


If your skiing or riding has plateaued … if you’re stuck in a performance rut … if you’re about to give it all away … a week-long SnowSkool improver course in Japan will help you rediscover your snow mojo!

SnowSkool’s Guide to Accommodation in Méribel

Chalet Edelweiss - The Chalet Company
If you’re visiting a friend or family member during their ski or snowboard instructor training course in Méribel, you’ll need somewhere to lay your head after a long day on the slopes. SnowSkool has created a guide, for the Princes and for the Paupers, on where to stay in Méribel - with a few recommended companies and websites along the way.

The week that was in Wanaka - Week 8

This week was one of déjà-vu all over again! Sun, sun and more sun. Two dozen days of bluebird skies in a row, not something we’re all that used to here in NZ’s Southern Alps. Under all that burning sun the snow has held up remarkably well, which was good news for this past week’s mock exam for L2. This was a great chance for everyone to get a real idea of how close they are to clearing the bar.

The week that was in Wanaka - Week 7

We have enjoyed a week of sun, sun, sun and more sun …. which provided the perfect back drop for switching disciplines, some fancy dress and a couple of Level 1 passes and a sad goodbye thrown in.