The word from SnowSkool Big White 2015 - Week 4

Welcome back to Big White where we have completed another successful week of training – our very last one before next week’s Level 1 exams. We've enjoyed a week of bluebird days and until the white stuff starts to fall, we'll keep practicing our teaching and improving our technique under lovely sunny skies.

Le blog from SnowSkool France 2015 - Week 3

It was back into normal afternoon lessons this week with the troops moving on from Level 1 with feedback from instructors on what techniques need to be improved for the big step-up to Level 2. And work hard they did - especially on Friday after a big dump of the fluffy white stuff made for what many thought was the best day of the season so far.

The word from SnowSkool Big White 2015 - Week 3

Another great week in Biggy with a full schedule of training, accompanied by some fresh snowfalls, some disco shapes being thrown down and a trip to a local ice hockey match down in Kelowna.

The week that was - SnowSkool Banff 2015 - Week 1

Welcome to the first newsletter from SnowSkool in Banff for 2015. We've passed a great first 10 days in Canada and have managed to mingle with the wild life, dance with a sasquatch, watch the NFL play-offs - and successfully complete our first week of training in some nice fresh snow. All up - not a bad start! Read on for the gory details ....

Le blog from SnowSkool France 2015 - Week 2

BIG week at SnowSkool in The Three Valleys - exam time! With barely a week of training under their belts, the students took on their Level 1 certification. By the end of the week, we had a whole bunch of new ski instructors in or midst so it seemed appropriate to hit The Ronnie for a few celebratory drinks, followed by a night out on the town in Meribel.

SnowSkool’s favourite snow movies / Since 1977

The Shining Hotel Stanley - Best Snow Movies
Snow. It’s a substance for skiing on but it’s also a great movie additive. So, as part of our celebration of all things snow, here’s a quick roundup of Snowskool’s favourite movies featuring the white stuff – in chronological order.

The word from SnowSkool Big White 2015 - Week 2

We're back with the next instalment of news from Biggy where SnowSkool 2015 has completed its first full week. Monday morning brought bluebird conditions (sunny and clear to all you none snow bums) and the first day of full lessons. Everyone was thrown in at the deep end, coming to grips with the core competencies required on snowboard and skis. All you guys at home should ask your Skooler about them, just to make sure they were listening!

Le blog from SnowSkool France 2015 - Week 1

Bienvenue to the first report in from SnowSkool in Three Valleys, France where everyone had arrived by the close of last weekend. So far, we've enjoyed a "Safari Dinner", tested out Meribel's nightlife, had briefings on the course, mountain safety and equipment as well as an intense week of training. But perhaps the best news of all was the 25cm or so of snow which fell towards the end of the week!

The word from SnowSkool Big White 2015 - Week 1

Welcome to the first newsletter from SnowSkool Big White 2015 - the first report in from anywhere in the world for this northern winter! After months of waiting in anticipation the SnowSkool gang arrived in Vancouver on Thursday afternoon and made their way to Big White by bus. With minimal delay, everyone was settled at a decent time in preparation for the first full day on the slopes. A few made it out to sample the night life but pleased to report they were home to bed by 11.00pm.

Snowskool’s 5 Least Favourite Oldskool Snow Levels

Space Invader Ice Cubes
At Snowskool we love snow, obviously, and we’re also partial to a snow level. But while snow levels can be great fun – they can also be ruinous to the mind. Here are five of our least favourite retro snow levels – from before the year 2000.