How to Ski Off Piste Safely - 5 Tips!

How to ski off piste
Skiing off piste can be exhilarating but it can also be dangerous so it’s best approached with caution. Nonetheless, off-piste skiing is still popular. So if you are going to do some off-piste skiing then here are five tips and things to check.

The weeks that were in SnowSkool Banff 2015 - Wks 11 & 12

It's all over! SnowSkool Banff 2015 came to a close last week and by the time you read this, some Skoolers will still be hanging in Banff but most will be on their way to life's next adventure. It's time for the final installment of our fab season here in the Canadian Rockies ...

The word from SnowSkool Big White 2015 - Week 11

Welcome back to the very last newsletter this season from us In Big White. By the time you read this, your Skooler could well be back home with you but it's worth a final wrap-up of how our time here in Big White drew to a close.

The week that was - SnowSkool Banff 2015 - Week 10

The news is out - a fabulous pass rate for the L2 exams! All boarders passed at least one element of the exam and the skiers achieved 100% across the board. In addition, three guys - including our fearless leader - went out and score their Level 1s! No end to the talent over here in Banff ...

The week that was - SnowSkool Banff 2015 - Week 9

Finally! The snow gods blessed us with a great dump of fresh snow. All weekend the snow kept coming and some of the students headed out into the conditions but the majority waited for Monday and the best free riding we've had since we got here.

Le blog from SnowSkool France 2015 - Week 10

And that’s it! Our ten weeks in France have flown by and it's time for one last round up of how it all panned out.

How to Ski Powder: Skiing Tips & Tricks

Skiing on POWDER!!!!
Powder skiing – what a joy! But there are ways to do it better and enjoy the stuff more – here are five top tips from Mark Shaxted, our CSIA Level 4 Ski Instructor based at Big White.

The word from SnowSkool Big White 2015 - Week 10

The L2s are over and we can report great results for most, coupled with disappointment for some. The L2 is a truly demanding process and felicitations go to those who cleared the bar and commiserations to those who came oh so close.

Le blog from SnowSkool France 2015 - Week 9

Amazing to think the first week of BASI Level 2 exams is over already and there’s only one week of SnowSkool left! How has it gone so quickly?! Some good feedback already from the trainers about the effort and standard of the students so everyone’s aiming to keep up the good work for during the assessments this coming week. Next time we're in touch, the results will be out and it will all very nearly be over.

The week that was - SnowSkool Banff 2015 - Week 8

This week was our second last round of training before the L2s and we also completed the first aid course, which means everyone is now a whole lot wiser about handling tricky situations in extreme conditions. Lots of hard work in prepping for the looming exams but also time to take in a movie, play 5-a-side football, soak in a hot tub and celebrate a couple of birthdays.