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Work Hard During the Day, Play Hard at Night!

Banff is surely one of the best places on earth to train to become a ski instructor. The skiing in the area is world-class – three huge ski hills with some of the world’s most beautiful scenery and thousands upon thousands of acres of crazy backcountry terrain. Off-snow, the town caters for every après-ski need of a young skier; hot springs allow you to rest weary muscles straight off the slopes, there are plenty of budget and high-end restaurants to replace burnt-off calories and line stomachs before you hit up the party scene!

The 12-week SnowSkool Banff programme is SnowSkool's longest-running and most popular instructor course. The ski instructors selected to carry out your ski training are the most highly-qualified and experienced ski instructors in the Ski School. In fact, they are not just ski instructors, they are also examiners. What is more, with 20+ hours of tuition per week, we offer more tuition than other companies. Surely this is one reason for the 100% pass rate for the CSIA level 1 ski instructor exam that SnowSkool has maintained since we first arrived in Banff all those years ago.

SnowSkool in Banff

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Training to become a ski instructor

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Who chooses this ski course?

Profile of those who want to become a ski instructor in banff

The SnowSkool Banff programme is a favourite amongst the younger crew that have recently left School or graduated from University. There is a fantastic group mentality as all the students ski, eat and socialise together in a Lodge.

At 12 weeks, the SnowSkool Banff course is the longest ski instructor training course of its kind and so, as a result, we can take less-experienced skiers and give them plenty of time to build up mileage on their skis. Moreover, because we operate a large programme in Banff, we have a good number of groups of ski instructor trainees meaning that we can split up according to ability. So if you have three weeks on-snow experience or three seasons on-snow experience, you should fit right in.

Ski Instructor Exams

CSIA Level 1 & Level 2 Ski Instructor

Become a Ski Instructor with a CSIA Instructor Qualification

Skiers in Banff train for the ski instructor qualifications of the CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance). The CSIA offers instructor qualifications from level 1 to level 4. SnowSkooler's train to level 2 - the level at which you can go on to work as a ski instructor internationally.

As well as the ski instructor qualifications, SnowSkool offers training in freestyle and race techniques that can lead to two further certifications; CSIA Snowpark Certificate and CSCF Race Coach.

CSIA Ski Instructor Qualifications

Become a Ski Instructor like ...

Christina Alder (aka Missy), 21, SnowSkool Banff, 2004

SnowSkool Case Study - Missy Alder

Missy was the first female ever to book a SnowSkool course!

In Banff, Missy passed her CSIA Level 1 & 2 ski instructor exams and her CSCF Race Coach qualification. The following season, Missy was offered a job working back at Sunshine Village. In the four seasons she spent in Banff, Missy became a CSIA Level 3 ski instructor and was made a Supervisor for the Adult Ski Programme.

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