Snowboard Instructor Training Holidays

Two weeks to train as a snowboard instructor!

You give us two weeks and we’ll give you the training to become a snowboard instructor. Two weeks is a very short time but fortunately the snowboard instructors assigned to teach the two week BASI snowboard instructor courses are BASI trainers – la crème de la crème of the snowboarding world! Or as they say in France...the cream of the cream...!

It makes sense too – what normal person would rather spend two weeks drinking themselves into a coma in Marbella when they could be shredding the slopes of the Three Valleys, the world’s largest ski area, learning everything that needs to be learnt to become a BASI snowboard instructor? Ask yourself this: Would I be more fanciable as a snowboard instructor or as a fat, drunk, lobster-red tourist? There you go…too easy…SnowSkool 1 – Thomas Cook 0!

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BASI Snowboard instructors

BASI Level 1 Snowboard qualification

BASI Snowboard Instructor Qualifications

Within the BASI system (British Association of Snowboard Instructors), there are four levels of snowboard instructor starting with the creatively-named Level 1. This is the snowboard instructor exam that you will sit on the SnowSkool Three Valleys two weaker. And it is not just about improving your snowboarding, although that will of course happen, but you can work as a snowboard instructor with this qualification.

Whatever your motivation, you’ll get a lot of time on the snow and you will be fitter rather than fatter and everyone will fancy you. Guaranteed!

BASI Snowboard Instructor Qualifications

Snowboard Instructor in 2 weeks

Emma Simons, 29, SnowSkool Three Valleys 2010

SnowSkool Case Study - Emma Simons

In late-November last year, I heard about some vacancies for snowboard instructors at my local snowdome and made some enquiries. Qualifications?!?! Errr…no. Did a quick search on Google, two weeks later I was in the Three Valleys on the two-week SnowSkool snowboard instructor course. Got my BASI level 1 and pulled my first shift as a snowboard instructor just before Xmas. Too easy!

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