SnowSkool is delighted to introduce another twenty new ski & snowboard instructors to the world. The guys and girls, who hail from Australia, France, Russia, UK and the USA, have been training at Cardrona Alpine Resort near Wanaka on New Zealand’s south island as part of the SnowSkool New Zealand instructor training course. 
What does the level 1 ski instructor training cover?
After a five-day exam, our skiers became Level 1 ski instructors with the NZSIA (New Zealand Ski Instructors Alliance).

The Level 1 certification is an entry-level course that represents the first step in a career in ski instructing - and our students are now able to teach up to advanced wedge turns to first time skiers.
What does the level 1 snowboard instructor training cover?
Simultaneously, the five-day NZ Level 1 snowboard instructor exam is delivered by the SBINZ (Snow Board Instructors of New Zealand) and covers rider improvement, the teaching model and class handling & safety. 

The outcome is that Level 1 snowboard instructors can teach snowboarders to make their first turns on beginner terrain.

Onwards and upwards to level 2
All twenty candidates will now resume training and start working towards the NZSIA Level 2 ski instructor and SBINZ Level 2 snowboard instructor qualifications. 

Achieving these qualifications will require a significant step-up in the general level of skiing and snowboarding and candidates will be expected to teach intermediate drills to more experienced skiers and snowboarders. 
At Level 2, the qualifications become recognised on an international basis - allowing candidates to work at ski resorts throughout the world. 
Since our first course in 2007, graduates from SnowSkool New Zealand have worked as ski & snowboard instructors in Andorra, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Scotland, Switzerland and the USA.

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