We have been asking you to share your #ski & #snowboard selfies with us throughout 2014 for a chance to appear on our Facebook header and WIN a week in Meribel. Congratulations to our latest Legend of the Month, Brendan Delisio! 

Tell us a bit more about your #snowskoollegend photo and what memories you have from it.

This photo was taken at the start of spring, most of the snow had melted so Alia (my photographer) and I had gone for a hike up at Mt Baw Baw (in Victoria, Australia) to see what snow was left around, when we came across a few of the Baw Baw crew making jumps and kickers, so we decided to join in making it an even more epic day! There was a small kicker around 15ft which we decided to put a 10 inch PVC pipe onto to make an awesome pole-jam. The rest of the afternoon just wrote itself. A beautiful spring day spent doing what I love! 

With my riding I am very passionate about two teams 
#1 being 'Coastal Boarding'. A worldwide endeavor, linking athletes with companies, supporting, encouraging, linking and lifting us up. You guys Rock. 
#2 being 'Kicker Snowboards' my ever faithful Snowboard Sponsor. Always supportive, even when I broke my collar bone, whoops. 

What’s the best resort you have skied or snowboarded in?

The best Resort I have ever Snowboarded at would have to be Falls Creek in Victoria, Australia. I haven't had the opportunity to go overseas yet, but would love to travel sometime in the near future!

What’s your favourite piece of ski gear and why?

My favorite piece of Gear would have to be my Kicker Snowboard. My Kicker Picnic is super flexi and heaps of fun for jibbing.  As well as my Coastal Boarding hat, I always have my team riding with me. 

What SnowSkool course would you love to do or have you already done? Tell us a bit more?

The Snowskool course I would love to do would ultimately be the  Snowboard Pop in France: Méribel, The Three Valleys. I have never done a course before but am always up for learning new tips and tricks.

Well done to Brendan! We wish you the best of luck for the competition and hope you might consider joining us on that Meribel course sometime in the future.

Could YOU be our next legend of the month? In order to enter, you need to post your most legendary snowsports-related image using the hashtag  #SnowSkoolLegend – Find out more about our fantastic competition HERE

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