“SnowSkool offers the best ski instructor courses in the world.”

Easy thing to claim, hard thing to deliver.

If you are on this page, it suggests you are doing your research about the different courses that you could join and you have probably come across a lot of companies that claim, like we do, to offer the best ski instructor training course in the world.

The truth is that you will find that most operators offer generally good courses because they outsource the training to professional Ski Schools, they offer examinations that are delivered by a nationally-registered body and, let’s face it, it’s not difficult to put on a good-fun apres session!

But there are a few extra details that make a course great rather than good. So, in this post, we are going to outline what additional factors that we believe combine to make our ski instructor courses the best.

What makes the best ski instructor courses?

  • Lots of snow and powder
  • Course organisation and career help
  • Supportive reps to help out in resort
  • A resort that suits you

1. Snow

Sort of important for a ski season! This is obviously not something that we can completely control but, by choosing resorts with a proven track record of receiving a ton of the white stuff each season, you are in with a good shout of having more than the average number of powder days.

SnowSkool Tip:

Like to feel snowflakes on your nipsies as you ski? Sunshine Village in Banff averages 33ft of snow every winter. This means that if stacked two double decker buses on top of each other, they would be covered by snow by the end of the season!

You can check our ski instructor courses in Banff here

2. Course organisation and career help

It’s highly probable that the main difference you would notice between a good course and a great course would be the amount and quality of work that is put into organising every detail of your ski instructor course – before, during and after the course.

Before the course, it is all about communication and making sure you know what to expect from the first to the last minute of your trip. During the course, it is important that we work behind the scenes so that everything runs smoothly for your time in resort. And after the course, we want to help a lot of you back out on the slopes working as a ski instructor.

SnowSkool Tip:

On all SnowSkool courses, participants attend a recruitment presentation, listen to various talks by instructors & Ski School Directors and are given access to the SnowSkool instructor recruitment database. If you do a course with us then use this database of contacts to help secure a job after qualifying.

3. Supportive reps

While some competitors have cut back on reps – we believe having a supportive rep in place on the course is really important to help trainees through our courses.

We are pretty good at recruiting SnowSkool reps these days. It’s not about picking the sweet-looking lass that can ski at the speed of sound or the hunky dude that can down a pint and then nail a seven in the Park - it’s about picking the person that can dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

The role of every SnowSkool rep is crucial in bringing the individual elements of the course together – making sure you are on time for lessons, at the right meeting point to shadow an instructor and booked on for instructor exams. But also with the softer side of things - spotting those guests that are looking overwhelmed in the first few days, talking to those that are partying too hard and celebrating with you when you pass your exams!  SnowSkool reps are not a phone call away, they are there. On-site. Every single day.

4. A resort that suits you!

Since our first course in Banff, Canada in 2004/ 05, we have added various courses in various countries to our portfolio.

Some of them have taken off, others have not proved so popular but, today, we feel that we have a very balanced portfolio of courses to appeal to all sorts of budding ski instructors, of all ages and personalities. All courses have at their core world-class tuition by top notch Ski Schools in fantastic resorts but each course has its own style.

SnowSkool Tip:

The 13 week SnowSkool course in Banff is popular with the younger lot that like a party, the SnowSkool course in New Zealand is ideal for those looking to fast-track their training and be working the slopes straight after graduating, SnowSkool France is for those looking to build a long-term career in ski instructing and SnowSkool Big White appeals to the more mature crowd thanks to the lovely ski-in/ ski-out accommodation and more laid-back vibe.

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