The weekend before the week

The end of week two coincided with Australia Day on Friday 26th Jan. Logan decided to celebrate by getting his long hair chopped into a mullet. Aussies on the course taught him some customs and slang to match his new look. So that was fun! And a great way to start a weekend of partying including a dinner cooked by KJ who invited instructor Ben along too. But this didn't stop folk hitting the slopes for their Saturday lessons on the mountain. A good mix of weekend activities setting us up to hit week 3 progress.

There's no escaping a few falls on a ski / snowboard instructor course ...

This week has been characterised by injuries, and 'stacks'. We've had a couple of falls - Adrian and KJ, Logan 'clotheslined' (great expression -Ed) himself on a downed tree, Joe twisted his knee and Margaret fell off the chairlift. But, everyone is ok, still smiling and taking the right resting measures to be on their game for the upcoming exams! It's all part of the journey.

Working with the weather

It's also been a bit of a polar vortex from the -30s to a bit of a 'heat wave' and some rain which has been a bit of a challenge this week but we weren't going to let this get in the way of our learning or having a good time on the mountain. The warmer weather provided better visibility all week and even a bluebird on Friday as temperatures started to drop again. The snow conditions have been pretty good - soft but not overly flushing allowing for sme fun times on the slopes.

Workshops and early exam success

The snowboarders have completed their pre-exam workshop and everyone gearing up for their exams starting today. Everyone that is, apart from Zac, who has passed his Level 1 and is now cracking on with the Level 2 modules. Congrats to Zac - we enjoyed celebrating his success in the Bullwheel. And look forward to celebrating further successes soon as the rest of the group take their first set of exams.

It wasn't just all about skiing workshops this week. Whitefoot has a waxing room which a lot of people taken advantage of this week, and Adrian held a little workshop for a few people to show them how to wax their skis properly.

Evening wind downs and bonding

This week multiple accommodations hosted movie night for everyone to come and hang out together. The choices of movies have been fairly wide reaching from Shrek to Wolf of Wall Street. And just a great way to chill after the adventures out on the slopes.

What will week 4 bring? Watch this space to find out.

Clare, BW rep

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