Well, post exams we’ve continued to do lots of skiing and boarding ... and lots of other stuff too! Some of the group went to watch a hockey game in Kelowna on Saturday. Then it was SuperBowl on Sunday after lessons. A group watched this over a drinks and a meal at the BullWheel

The temperature has been dropping again though not quite to the –30 degrees that greeted us at the beginning of the course. Monday was a wonderful champagne powder day – 5cm dump over 4 hours – yes! 

Monday was also the day we said our farewells to students on the 5 week course. Which meant a visit to Sam’s toast their successes and onward journeys. 

Tuesday – pancake day! A group of us enjoyed cooking pancakes for brekkie at Whitefoot Lodge. Which was the start of a bit of a rest day, shopping shuttle trips, and ending in pre drinks at the Bullwheel followed by dinner at the Globe and then onto karaoke at Sam’s.  

After that, we were well set up to enjoy a beautiful cold bluebird day on Wednesday. Wonderful pow and delicious doses of Vitamin D. That evening it was tubing for Joe’s last hurrah before he left on Thursday. And a group hit the ice rink too. All go. 

A bit of sickness and some injuries have meant we had a few people down towards the end of the week but the upcoming long weekend will hopefully allow for recovery. We are looking forward to three days of fun, relaxation and shredding. 

I’ll let you know how we got on with more news soon. 

BW rep Clare 

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