Hey Drew! How you doing?

All good thanks dude! When are we going to Hemel again?

Soon amigo, very soon! But first… let’s get down to business. Just want to ask a couple of questions about life after SnowSkool, first of all though… what made you choose SnowSkool and why?

I chose SnowSkool because it seemed like one of the more professional companies and it also looked like the most fun! It also offered the longer 13-week course so I could really get the most out of my season!

You came out with us on the Banff program in 2010, how was living out there for you?

Living in Banff was amazing! Just such a cool place with such a sweet vibe, the terrain is epic too, Sunshine Village Park had such an awesomeee set-up whilst I was out there. 50cm powder day in the last couple of weeks was mindblowing, the best pow pow I’ve ever ridden! The perfect place for snowboard instructor courses

So what have you been up to since then?

Since my season I’ve worked in a snowboard store in London, my qualifications gained on my gap year helped as they gave my employer a good idea of my experience with gear and snow know-how which made life easier! The SnowSkool course was great for this too what with the free ski and snowboard maintenance workshops…

And where is it that you’re working now? Are you instructing?

I recently got a job with a company called Skiplex through a website called Natives.co.uk (Definitely check it out! Huge resource for instructor jobs!) CASI Level 2 was the perfect qualification for the job!

Sounds awesome dude! I’ve seen a video of Skiplex, some interesting new technology in there! Could you just explain to our readers what it actually is?

Skiplex is essentially a massive brush treadmill for snowboarding and skiing in front of a huge mirror, it’s the perfect place to brush up on technique and really push your ski fitness. Riding in front of the mirror is like constant video feedback so you progress really fast! There will hopefully be more centres opening up around the UK (This one in Chiswick is currently the only one) so lots of potential jobs for newly qualified instructors! We’re currently offering £20 trial sessions so come down!

Check out this video to see what it's all about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DA8P0Rj7amQ

Thanks for that Drew! That about wraps it up… anything else you’d like to add?

For sure! I’d just like to say a massive thanks to all the guys at SnowSkool for running such an awesome course. It was quite probably the best time ever and I still keep in touch with loads of my buddies from Canada. Thanks SnowSkool!

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