Congratulations to our first Legend of the Month, Dan Daw! Dan’s photo is up on our Facebook wall now.  Here, we find out a bit more about our first cover star of the month…

SnowSkool:  Tell us a bit more about your #SnowSkoolLegend photo and what memories you have from it.

Dan:This photo was taken on a day when my friends couldn’t quite make it out of bed, so I was riding on my own.They missed out on an incredible day, the conditions were amazing, it had been snowing for three days straight, so plenty of fresh snow and it was still coming down, I was making the most by riding some tree runs, taking in laps of Standish (one of my favourite runs) and Goats Eye mountain. This was my second season in Banff, I had all new gear and this was just the perfect day for testing it all out…and taking selfies!

SnowSkool: What’s the best resort you have skied or snowboarded in?

Dan: Choosing a favourite resort is really tough, this year I was lucky enough to ride in Girdwood, Alaska, that was pretty epic! For for me though, it still has to be Sunshine Village, it has fun, varied terrain and amazing snow, it’s just a great hill! Also the awesome people I’ve met there and the memories I’ve made, just can’t top it.

SnowSkool: What’s your favourite piece of ski gear and why?

Dan: My favourite bit of gear is most likely the board I was riding in this pic. It was an NDK Pam 154 with some Flux bindings, the graphic is bit a intense, but the board was so much fun! It has a cam/rock profile, so is super poppy, great for lapping the park and taking in runs like Standish!

SnowSkool: What SnowSkool course would you love to do or have you already done? Tell us a bit more?

Dan: I joined up with Snowskool in Banff back in 2008, for the instructor course at Sunshine Village. When I first rocked up I thought I was a pretty decent rider, found out pretty quick that’ that wasn’t the case! 

It was such great fun though, living in the hi-hostel on Tunnel Mountain, with an awesome group of people. Every morning we’d put on our boots, go out riding from first lifts until the last, get home relax by the fire before having a few beers at Auroras, pretty hard to beat. After all of it, I’ve learnt loads, had some incredible experiences and made some lifelong friends, love Snowskool and would do it all again in a heartbeat! Thanks guys!

Well done to Dan Daws.

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