As we are now about 90% booked-up for the SnowSkool ski/snowboard instructor courses taking place in Canada and France in winter 2017/2018 (in record time, we would like to add!), we are looking ahead to the following season and have some fantastic early-bird offers for those good boy scouts/ girl guides that want to be prepared in advance and get their place secured now!

For all bookings taken and secured with a deposit for Canada before the 15th December 2017, the course prices for Banff and Big White will be frozen for the 2019 start date. Which means:

  • 13 week SnowSkool Banff 2019 - £7,450 – If booked before the 15th December 
  • 11 week SnowSkool Big White 2019 - £7,450 – If booked before the 15th December

BUT…but, but, but…not only are we freezing the prices, but all those booking before the 15th December 2017 deadline will also receive a fantastic free backpack of goodies worth > £300+. This includes:

  1. Douchebags Backpack

  2. Panda Optics Goggles

  3. Bro!Clothing Hoodie

  4. Bro!Clothing Beanie

  5. SnowSkool Ski & Board Tuning Kit

  6. SnowSkool Sticker Pack

Here's a quick gallery of all that bonus gear....

Our ski/snowboard Instructor course in the Three Valleys is extending from 11 weeks (£7,450) to 12 weeks (£7,850) for 2019, so an early bird price is not available for this course, however a backpack of goodies will come to all those who book before the 15th December 2017!!

So, if you want to get a place on the world’s best instructor courses at the best possible price and also grab yourself a free gift, then all you need to do is…DO IT, *BOOK NOW!...Or get in touch to find out more and plan your next winter.

Book Banff Ski >                            Book Banff Snowboard >

Book Big White Ski >                     Book Big White Snowboard >

Book Three Valleys Ski >               Book Three Valleys Snowboard >

Email our very own SnowSkool Chris for advice on choosing the best course for you… [email protected]   

*Booking forms online will still show 2018 course dates, but if you send an email with your booking we will be update your account to show 2019. 

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