SnowSkool [SS]:   Who are you and which SnowSkool course did you attend?

Aaron White [AW]:   I am Aaron White and I attended the 10 week Treble Cone snowboard instructor course.

[SS]:   What was your main attraction to the SnowSkool instructor training course?

[AW]:     Snowboarding has always been a big part of my life, and during university I decided that I wanted to follow a career in the snow sports industry. The course in New Zealand provided a perfect opportunity to travel whilst gaining a qualification which I could utilise in the future.

[SS]:   What have you been up to since SnowSkool?

     Too much! As soon as I arrived home I went back to my old job working in a snowboard shop called Subvert in Chillfactore. Along with that I managed to land an instructor job teaching at Chillfactore as well part time. I've been working pretty much 7 days a week with 5 days in the shop and 2 days teaching, however now I've just been made manager of subvert and teaching has taken a back foot. Along with that I run a snowboard website called, which includes videos, photos and competitions.

[SS]:   Wow, so you haven't been busy at all then!

[AW]:     Haha, I've also just started a clothing brand called Strdywngs, which will hopefully grow in the future. But that's all for now.

[SS]:   What is a typical SnowSkool day in resort?

[AW]:      A usual day in Wanaka consisted of waking up bright and early and having breakfast. Then onto the bus and waiting about 15 minutes for Ricardo to arrive. Once everybody was on, the bus headed to Treble Cone and we had a full day riding working on different elements of snowboarding with the Rookies trainers. All different elements included freestyle, carving, free ride and practice teaching. Everyday was so much fun as the trainers were really friendly and my riding improved so much.

[SS]:   And does the day end when the lifts stop running?

     Definitely not, after that the bus would take us down to Cafe Fe for our evening meal and then the night was ours. Typically most of us used to go night riding at Snow Park NZ or just chill out and watch a film. However most of the time we would go out and enjoy $10 jugs of export gold in HQ down on the lakefront.

[SS]:   Could you sum up your SnowSkool experience in one word?


[SS]:   Nice, any last words?

[AW]:      Remember that snowboarding and skiing are all about fun and if you're not having fun, you're doing something wrong. If you love snowboarding or skiing, then definitely book onto a SnowSkool course. I made some amazing friends, improved my riding dramatically and have some experiences and memories that I will never forget. Thanks SnowSkool!

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