“Piece of cake” is perhaps one way of describing SnowSkool’s performance in the NZSIA and SBINZ Level 2 exams. Nationally the pass rate was 60-65%...SnowSkool’s pass rate was 100% for skiers and 88% for snowboarders. We are officially better than New Zealand!

The past week-and-a-bit have been all about the L2 exams for skiers and boarders alike when all that preparation was finally put to the test. The good news is we had the best pass rate for skiers for years – 100%. Every single one of the guys on the ski exam passed both their Level 1 and their Level 2 first time. That is no mean feat. Congratulations to everyone!

Check out the final set of course photos here.

The presentation events are always held in one of Wanaka’s local bars and once everyone had their certificate in hand, they quickly added a drink in the other. Everyone had a few drinks to warm up for the main event on any exam night in Wanaka – time to jump in the lake! With many regretting the underwear choices they had made that morning, everyone stripped down to various states of undress and jumped in a pretty darn cold lake. Most were left wishing they could get out as quickly as they’d got in!

After a trip back to the apartments to get changed it was off out to Fitzy’s for one last team night out. Saturday would bring with it hangovers, packing, cleaning and travelling. Great combinations to look forward to.

With quite a few sore heads it was time to get up early as Olivia, Nicola, Alex, Alex and Josh were booked for a 9am bus pick up. After a few long goodbyes it was back to packing and cleaning for the rest of the gang before they all had to check out at midday. With most of them staying in Wanaka for a few days or travelling round NZ before heading for home, we were able to delay further sad goodbyes a little longer.

There are just a few things left to say to the SnowSkool NZ Class of 2015.  “Congratulations” to everyone for putting such great commitment into the program throughout the entire season – it’s certainly the case that no one goes home wondering what might have been.  And a hearty “good luck” to those with exams this week. A “Fond farewell” to new and dear friends and a big “Thank you” to all our supporters – at SnowSkool in the UK and in Oz, to the team in Wanaka / Cardrona and to you, all our family and friends back home … couldn’a done it without you.  We made it! SnowSkool NZ 2015 signing off with a big virtual group hug.

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