Level 2 exams have begun! Sending lots of luck from SnowSkool HQ. There were some firsts this week… Cameron’s first time of skis in 19 years! And first time testing out the pool in the Raven apartment block.

✏️   The Level 2 Ski Development portion of the skiers’ L2 exams started this week. It meant that the skiers had their last full day of lessons on Wednesday.

✏️   Also on Wednesday, sadly Jim had his last ski as he has to go back to England for work. Rubbish! :(

✏️   Will his place on the slopes be filled by Cameron?! Cam got back on skis for the first time in 19 years. We salute you for not breaking any limbs!!

✏️   On the snowboard-side of things, the group had full lessons last week as their exam starts today! (8th March) Good luck everyone!

✏️   Off snow, some of the group tested out the Raven swimming pool. The facilities had been closed thanks to COVID, so it's fun to be able to put them to use.

✏️   JL, Tori, Cam, Tom P and Grace headed down the mountain to Kelowna, went bowling and out for some dinner.

✏️   Everyone enjoyed a meal at Gunbarrel on Friday, featuring two new options on our menu - lamb and beef brisket.

✏️   Saturday night saw Carey, Ben, Kahn, Kate, Lucky, Tori, JL, Max, Natasha and Holly playing Heads Up – what a game!

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